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Saturday, December 14, 2013

A semester full of the good, and the bad...

This semester has been hard. I anticipated it to be busy. I anticipated the change in educational institutions to be difficult. I anticipated the course load to require more studying than I'm used to. I even anticipated my new job to take its own toll on me and my time. What I didn't anticipate was everything else that life threw my way. This bog started to chronicle my experience trying to start a business, and I know a long the way it has strayed from time to time. This blog has been my venting medium for work, it's been my bragging space for my family and the accomplishments I've made in my person, and professional life. This blog has been my place for random ramblings, and of course, somewhere to share my love for my work as chelseaMADE, and school.

This semester has brought many good things, as well as bad. I've rediscovered my love for science. Something I was afraid I had lost after the scandal Tiffin University has put me and my fellow classmates through. But my courses this semester has brought me a new found appreciation for a subject that I've loved for so long.

I've been pushed by many influential people in my life to consider a future I thought would be far out of reach, and it pushed me to take it seriously. Whether my future lies in grad school, med school, or to be a happily married stay at home mom, at least now I have the courage to explore my options.

I've grown closer to my family and loved ones this year, and even though my schedule has kept me too busy to spend a lot of time with them, I still have grown closer none-the-less.

Sadly this semester/year has brought on things I wish I hadn't experienced.

 I saw the slow unraveling of a childhood friend blow up to reveal a person who would blackmail, lie, steal, and even throw her best friend under the bus. Having just finished Gossip Girl via Netflix, I'd say it was like a combination of the ugly side of Blair and Serena exploded into one. I'm sad to say I chose to lose a friend I've had since the sixth grade then support the person they had become.

One evening mid-semester I experienced something I never thought myself, or my loved ones would ever be involved in. There was a shooting in my apartment building that not only endangered the lives of many, but took away something I didn't even know I had been taking for granted. My feeling of security. Having spent several nights shuffling back and forth between my parents home and my aunt's after the incident when I'd be the only one home, I can at least say I am taking steps towards feeling normal again after everything. At least I can say I'm spending my first night alone in the apartment as I write this. I still jump at every door slam, I still get tense and quiet every time I can hear any of our neighbors in fear of a rerun of the most terrifying night of my life. But I know I can't try to get a normal life back without learning to get my independence back first.

So now that I've told you a little about my personal nightmare of the semester, I can tell you about my professional one.

Recently I have been going through the hassle of trying to figure out how to protect my company no matter how small it may be, its still something I've spent a great deal of time on, years in fact. Even before the blog started, there was a lot of trial and error trying to design a brand, a business name, and style I could be proud of. Due to the fact that there is still a lot of growing to do, and issues to figure out, I had not paid to license my business or brand name. Someone who had previously worked under a different name, chose to pay to license my business name, and through social media, it shows they knew about my business before they went public with the name change and officially licensing the name. As anyone who has aspirations of creating something their own, and developing a name for them self can imagine, it pains me to think someone else could care so little for all the work another human being had put towards something.

chelseaMADE is my love. No it's not as important as Vincenso, and it's not my family, but its something I could call my own. I am a very creative person at heart, but I chose to go with my interest in science for my education in hopes that it would lead to a more stable, and humble life style that would let me live closer to my family then an art, or design career path would have led me. chelseaMADE was my outlet to show my creative side to the world. Especially since I've had to sadly say good bye to my days in theatre due to scheduling conflicts, and a general need to move my life forward. This has been my only artistic outlet for a while now. I'm pained to say for now, I'm not sure what the future holds for chelseaMADE. Hopefully I'll be able to figure something out that will allow chelseaMADE to stay, chelseaMADE.

In the meantime, I have decided to explore starting a different blog that can just be a place to explore my thoughts, and my days, business aside. Please don't take this as me giving up on chelseaMADE, because I am not. I just think I need some time to figure out whats best for me and the business, and in the meantime, I would like the option to blog about my life whenever I choose, and I think when and if this blog returns full-force, it should be more about the business, and less about my venting grounds.

Once I choose a blog name I will post a link here so you may choose to follow if you'd like. That will most likely be my last post here for a while till I find a way to move chelseaMADE forward, without the issues this situation has brought on.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Coffee date and Fridays Letters :)

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you just how bad I've been craving coffee! Ugh! One of those delicious frappes need to get in my belly immediately! Doesn't matter where it's from, I NEED one! Work has kept me so busy lately that I don't even have time to get a coffee, I really need to learn how to make them at home. This week when I signed my time card, I had a total of 95.15 hours! So, when I say I've been busy, I really have been.

If we were having coffee this morning, I would let you know I got a promotion! Now instead of being the paste crew foreman, I am the range supervisor with another co-worker of the Rodriguez Range. I help run the line changes during matches to ensure we have a speedy recovery time when we switch yardage for their shooting points. I miss the kids at the warehouse, but I like my new job. I couldn't complain :) 

If we were having coffee this morning, I'd tell you I've been contacted by an old classmate turned photographer and have been given a pretty awesome opportunity when it comes to the store. Nothing's official yet, so I won't say more, but I'm excited to see how this pans out :)

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I've been offered a new job in Tiffin which I'm terribly anxious to start :) I'll be a pharmacy technician, and it sounds as if they are able to work around my class schedule by giving me nights and weekends. So I couldn't be more thrilled to return to school and start this amazing new opportunity :)

Dear Vincenso - I love you so much! And I'm so thankful that I've been able to spend so much time with you this summer. As well that you seem to be getting closer and closer with my family. I love it :) I love watching you play with my nephews. They love you so much!  Dear Mr. D- thank you for giving me a chance as a young girl and giving me all the raises and promotions you have to make it possible for me to continue my education. Without you and my job, I don't know how I would have made college work, and I will forever be grateful for all that you have done for me. Dear Tiffin Apartment- hopefully you find room to stretch because I'm coming with all my goodies soon. And idk if I'm gonna fit! Dear family- I've had a lot of fun this summer and I'm so happy I got to spend so much time with you and all our visitors! Dear school- classes are coming soon, is it foolish of me to be so excited? Dear self- better get excited for this next chapter in life because its coming soon! Keep your head up, study hard, and just keep telling yourself you're gonna make it and you will! :)

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Coffee Date and Friday's Letters

Yay! I love Fridays, I get paid, and sign my time card for next week! Even though I don't get weekends off its still a good feeling hitting Friday, and I have nothing stopping me from my blog today :) that makes today even better!

Okay, so even though I can't drink warm/hot coffee, and I work too much to make it somewhere for frappe, we can still pretend we're having coffee ;)

If we were having coffee today I would tell you how thankful I am for overtime! Yes it drains all my energy, but its good money, and I could never turn it down. If it weren't for my job and my long hours, I never would of been able to continue funding my education. 

If we were having coffee today I would also tell you how happy I am that I was able to spend so much time with my family while they visited :) I don't have many pictures but once I get ahold of some I plan on writing a post just on their visit :)

If we were having coffee today I'd apology for missing last week's coffee date, and explain my absence was due to a rehearsal dinner for a wedding. I would also tell you, unless its my baby sister, I'm retiring from weddings. One awful  experience with a jerky groomsmen is enough for me. NEVER AGAIN, will I be a bridesmaid!

If we were having coffee today, I would also tell you how handsome Vincenso looked at the wedding. He looked so stunning, it was absolutely worth it. My boyfriend is a keeper, and I can't believe he went all out for a wedding where I couldn't even hang out with him through most of it! I'm such a lucky girl :]

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that I've been going through a long process of emails, and meetings, and phone calls to try and transfer to Heidelberg University, and in the next week I really need to either push them to let me finish paperwork, or give in and stay at Tiffin University. It has been a very stressful  process, and as much as I hope everything works out and I can transfer, I'm really just looking forwarded to knowing whats going on, and where I will be going to school when I start classes in a month. 


Dear Readers-  I apologize for my lack of quick responses to comments. That is on my list of to-dos for this evening and tomorrow morning. Dear Vince- Thank you for always being here for me. It means the world to me that I can always count on you. I love you very much. Dear Heidelberg- please take me, and please make my life easier by just giving me an answer about my course of action. I'd appreciate it. Dear Government- I'm in college, I'm poor, why do you insist on taking so much of my hard earned cash for your taxes when I need every penny I get? Dear McDonald's- can you please just sponsor me with a lifestyle supply of frappes? I love them but I'm too poor at this point to spend money on them. You should let me advertise for you so I can get them for free :] Dear God- Please create a longer day, so that I may work crazy long hours, and still have time to get enough sleep. I think we could all benefit from a few more hours during the day to work with. Dear Crew Members- I don't enjoy yelling at you. I don't want to get you in trouble. I don't think its fun. Please stop breaking all the safety rules and stealing hours of pay that you didn't earn. I'd really prefer if we could have a day where I don't have to yell at you guys for breaking all the rules. I promise we can get along if you all behave. Dear Work- Thank you for the 74.6 hour work week. I will appreciate the exchange of money for my lack of sleep next Friday when I get a beautiful overtime paycheck. Dear Crochet- I miss you dearly.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP WEDNESDAY- bikini top finish :)

Hey guys! I know I mentioned last Wednesday that I didn't have much time due to the family visiting. However, I haven't had much luck finding time to work on things this week either. I only have two more days in this weeks pay period, and I'm hoping to hit at least 70 hours before time cards are sent in, at this point I have 52.5. Considering we're already going in an hour earlier tomorrow, I think I'm gonna make it :) All work things aside, I did manage to finish the bikini top from last week :) it fits even better then the original blue one I modeled it after. I think I have an extra stitch in the first row or something, but I followed the stitching well, and yet it fits much better. So I'm pleased. Eventually I will have all the sizing things down and I could put different sizes in the store :)

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Insta-lately Update

ONE- Cute picture of Vince, Ava and I at my sister Alicia's during their visit. 
TWO- Vince and I at the wedding this weekend :]
THREE- The delicious starbucks coffee I got the morning of the wedding. 
FOUR-Jenna and I getting spoiled on the way to amish country.
FIVE- Crochet, snacks, sunglasses, and car sick medicine on the way to amish country.
SIX- Day eight of the yoganster challenge on instagram. 
SEVEN- A quick glimpse of Vince failing to spot me correctly during a yoga move!
EIGHT- After going to the brewery with holly's family, Vince, Dad, and Steve decided they were Yogis. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hey guys! It's WIP WEDNESDAY and I haven't had much time to work as usual. I hate the lack of free time during the summer. Except I love that my lack of free time lately has been due to my lovely family coming to visit! I'm so happy they were able to make it home :) Yesterday was sadly our last day with them and we visited Amish country. On the way there I took advantage of the free time and took some car sick medicine and climbed to the very back of the car and set to work on a bikini top :)

So now I have the base of a fun patterned bikini in cotton already made and just waiting on straps :) hopefully I get a chance to make a couple straps quick this next week.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Coffee Date Friday/ Friday's Letters

Coffee Date Friday!

If we were having coffee today I would tell you all about how excited I am to have my sister Holly, and her family here to visit! I would also tell you how excited I am that my sister Alicia, and her family, as well as Vincenso are on their way! I have to run into work quick to drop off tshirt money this morning, but after that its a day with all the babies, and I just can't wait!! Which is why I gotta make this quick---so i can get back to playing!


Dear Week- Thank you for finally getting here and bringing me my family <3 Dear God- Thank you for making their trip go smoothly! Dear Holly & Steve- thank you for making some gorgeous babies for us to play with! Dear Alicia and Dan- Thank you, for making two of the cutest boys and our little princess and keeping them close enough to see year around :] Dear Vincenso- I can't wait for you to get here to meet my family! Dear Christie- Thank you for not minding that I'm taking so much time off of work to see them!


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP- Tori's dinosaur :]

This last week, I worked on a custom order that reminded me once again, why I love crochet. When I get busy, and I'm constantly busy and drained during the summer due to the physical labor and long hours aspect of my job, I forget about crochet. Yes, I hate to admit something that has been such a big part of my life, the longest hobby I've had, (excluding theatre possibly? ) tends to be forgotten for about four months a year. Not because I only crochet fall/winter items, because I crochet much more, but just because I'm too busy and in turn, it feels draining. However, this project brought back love in my heart for crochet, and reminded me that, that little hook and yarn, it can do marvelous things. We started out with a picture of a dinosaur crochet plushie she found online, discussed the possibility of adding a bow tie or a hair bow depending on the sex of the baby, and we waited. Once we found out the sex, sadly, we had to wait for my spring class schedule, and then for my accelerated summer course to end before I could really start the project. I don't make a lot of stuffed animals or plushies, I'm more of a "wearable" crochet project person. That being said, it took me a little longer than it would another crocheter because I had to remember how to curve things and such that I don't typically do, to create a new pattern. 

The final project isn't an exact match, but its still perfectly cute! The adorable touch of a tiny pink hair bow on top makes an awesome addition! I do wish It would of ended up closer to the original shape, but I'm still in love with it! I was definitely sad to see it go so soon! Seeing it sit around on its own four legs for a couple days was a thrill ;]

Needless to say, this project lit a fire in me again, I want to find time to get more stuff for the summer done so I can list some items for the warmer months up in the store. First however, I need to do some major work in my "studio" so I actually have room to work. Maybe my update next week will involve a pretty studio, in stead of my room in boxes like its been the last four years. Wish me luck :]

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

I'm just going to hit Friday's letters this week :] sorry if it disappoints anyone.

Dear Work- I don't know why, but you're already leaving me exhausted. I don't appreciate it. Dear Vince- Thanks for staying up late with me last night so I could spend some much needed time with you :]! Dear Future Landlord- Thanks to your "mix-up" , I don't trust you, and I haven't even moved in yet. I am anything but thrilled about having to depend on you for the next year. Dear Relay For Life- You snuck up way too quick. I wasn't able to help the family with anything for you this year. But I did just cut my hair again to donate it, so hopefully that counts for something? Dear Tiffin Hospital- You should hire me so that I can move home to Vincenso. This commuting a couple times a week isn't working for me. Dear Car- thanks for letting me put all the miles on you latley. Dear Heidelberg University- I'm dying. Please contact me soon so I can know if you're an option financially. Dear Readers- I'm sorry I suck. I know I always have an excuse, but when I'm bouncing between three cities all week, and my sleep schedule is all messed up, blogging just isn't the first thing on my mind. My apologies. 
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Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm back!!! I know I've been gone for almost a month, but anyone who tries to say that graduating, and looking for a job is a quick and easy task, is crazy! That being said, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! So on with coffee date Friday, and Friday's letters!


Coffee Date: ...I'm craving a Bob Evans coffee ....really bad!

Well if we were having coffee today I would tell you that big things have happened as mentioned above, I'm now officially a TU alumni! Feels crazy and unreal, probably because I'm returning to somewhere next fall to finish my second degree in .... something.

Which leads me to my next big change, I might transfer schools....

 I'm only a few credits shy of my Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science and TU, but with all the biology courses I need for grad school, if I were to transfer to Heidelberg University, I would be just a few courses shy of a Bachelor of Science in Biology at HU, and the classes I need for the BS at TU overlap with what I need for the BS at HU. Sorry if that was confusing, if you didn't find it confusing then you're probably thinking, this is a no brainer, go to HU, get two more degrees instead of one. One hitch though, at TU I'll get an alumni discount that makes tuition 50% off, and Heidelberg is more expensive then TU even without the discount. So thats where I sit currently, hoping by some miracle since I'm currently unemployed, and quickly approaching my undergrad student loan limit, that I'll be able to find a job that no only gets me enough money for my rent and regular bills next year, but also helps me cover the big gap between what loans and scholarships I'm offered, and what HU actually costs. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me, but HU is like, the HOGWARTS of science geek's dreams...or maybe just mine...either way, its perfection.

Dear Vince - I've been having SOOOOOOO much fun with you. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Once I find a job, this summer will be perfect! Dear Coach -  Thank you for giving Vince such amazing opportunities that allowed him to have the opportunity to stay in Tiffin this summer, and thus, give me the best summer ever! Dear Bob Evans - Please create a delivery system so that I can have this amazing coffee with free refills at my home. k? thanks! Dear City of Tiffin - PLEASE SOMEONE HIRE ME! I'm dying here, my need to work obscene hours during the summer is ridiculous, and I can currently work "0" hours. I'm not okay with this. Dear Bank Account - I'm sorry your amount is so small. I'm trying :( Dear Summer - oh how i've missed you <3 Dear Boyfriend-  I can't even begin to express how excited I am that today, you are *officially*  done with student teaching! I'm so proud of you! ♥


Click either image above to check out other Friday Letters and Coffee Dates!!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Sorry I've been so MIA...

I'm sorry I have been completely MIA for awhile now (12 days to be exact...). I'd like to say I'll be more active soon, but I probably won't, and I don't want to lie to you. This is my last week of classes, and with professors adding assignments to try and cram in things they forgot about, my free time is pretty much obsolete as I try to cram these new assignments into my schedule. The added stress of trying to find a new job and a new apartment isn't helping too much either. Regardless, I don't have the time to keep up right now, and with graduation rapidly approaching I'm hoping you all with understand and not hate me while I try to figure out this new step in life. I promise when I have time to get back to the blog, I will. 

Hopefully I'll have a job locked down by the second week of May. Then my stress can go away, but I do not plan on driving an hour to and from work everyday to go back to my old job. Especially the mornings when I need to be to work at 4. I am not getting up at 2am to get on the road by 3am to be at work at 4am just to not come home till 8 or 9 pm. That's just not going to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can find a decent job in the tiny little college town I love.

So far I've filled out applications/submitted my resume to 2 pharmacies and a doctor's office. Besides working fast food or as a waitress, those are the only options I'm somewhat qualified for that I have found so far. Not to talk down on the food industry, but after working 60+ hours a week for 8.50$ with overtime pay (..and the fact that I have a college degree now...) I'm not exactly willing to work someplace where I have to count on the generosity of my customers leaving decent tips or in a hairnet above a grill. I'm just praying it doesn't come down to me having to work night shifts at McDonald's. I just need to find something that pays decent and will give me a lot of hours so I can save up for rent for the rest of the year again.

 #UGH. Did I mention how much I hate college yet?   ....cause I do.
I hope everyone else that is stressed out about finals or job hunts or anything really finds time to get it all done and relax. Until I get another chance to post, enjoy some Ryan Gosling. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday - necklaces

This last week has been...interesting. Despite being sick for a week and not being able to make it through a full day of classes since last Tuesday, I've also had some miss-fortunate events. Such as a nose bleed that lasted over a half hour, absolutely awful and unproductive search for a new apartment, finding out some how my financial aid was miscalculated and now I owe more money(that's due before I can walk in May by the way....), and chemical burning myself during genetics lab and having to take off my skinny jeans (...if you're lucky, maybe I'll write a post on that fiasco, because its scared me for life #UGH #sciencemajorprobs). In fear of not having anything to post for a second week in a row though, I made a few cute necklaces quick before bed. 

I couldn't help but think it was super cute when Vince came in the bedroom and asked "Doing some fingerknitting?" . The fact that he knows what I was doing, and what to call it, melts my heart. Hahaha :]! I couldn't help but think of this meme :

Happy Wednesday!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A day late and a coffee short...

I know! I know! No WIP this week, and a late coffee date! #UGH 
Just know I haven't neglected the blog on purpose. I fully intended to write this post yesterday, but after class, apartment hunting, and work, we unexpectedly were entertaining a bunch of wrestlers and a few recruits for next year. #Adayinthelifeofacoach'sgirlfriend . It seems Vince constantly has random coach obligations we didn't expect. It was a lot of fun nonetheless, but it would of been rude to disappear or sit on my laptop in front of them. So I choose to just wait till today to write and post. 

In regards to coffee date this week, I'm not a mommy yet, and life has yet to tell me whether I ever will be. I know we'll always have Vince's students, and his team to spoil if we don't, so that issue is up in the air. That being said, I'm choosing to not weigh in on the mommy wars topic.

Instead, if we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how much I'd hope it was at Bob Even's so I could have their amazing coffee. I've been craving it, but money is tight, so no more wasting money on yummy coffees for me for a while. I'd also tell you that we're looking at apartments for this summer to keep our options open since Vince has a really good job opportunity here this summer. Which coincidentally is why money is tight. lol. We hadn't anticipated needing money for a deposit and paying rent come May since we would usually head back home to our parents. I'm really excited about being able to spend the summer with him, so hopefully, we find a place we can afford here. 

If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how perfect life has been. The weather is getting nice out, school is coming to an end, and even though there's still a ton of work to do, I'm finally able to start getting excited about graduating. The countdown on my phone currently says its 28 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes, and 36 seconds till graduation. I can't wait :]

Dear Boyfriend - I'm terribly excited about this summer. Hopefully we find a new home soon ♥ Dear last night - Thank you for a surprising, yet lovely evening with Vince and his team :] Dear Marco and Kel - Thanks for cleaning the downstairs while I was at work, and for making the pasta so the boys didn't come visit a dirty/food-less house :] Dear TU- please submit my paperwork soon so I don't miss out on the Heidelberg classes !!!! Dear Graduation - I've got my eye on you....and my T-minus app , now how do I decide what to wear ?!?!?! Dear Cold- I really dislike that you make me feel like I'm dying in the morning, and then reek havoc on my ears and sinuses at night before bed. Please just go away! kthanks! Dear Saturday - Please be a very productive day! If I could get a couple papers down, That'd be amazing! Dear Gabby - OMG I ordered my bridesmaid dress this week! I can't wait :]!!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No WIP this week :(

Sorry, no WIP this week, I've been working on school stuff and just enjoying my time with Vincenso ♥

It's been a wonderful week with him, I hope you guys have had a good week too.

In the meantime, enjoy one of my new favorite songs :]

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Insta-Weekend Update week #3

ONE- spinach flat bread from Friday's, the family went to Toledo Friday night so we could have a bit of fun :]
TWO- glow in the dark fish from Walmart!
THREE- super pretty spring colored fishies from Walmart!
FOUR- big awkward bug eyed fish i fell in love with at Walmart
FIVE- mmmm! a cookie and cream cupcake from Cake In A Cup
SIX- my nephew Owen showing off the goodies he got in the Easter egg hunt
SEVEN- my beautiful cousin Blanca and I at the Easter party

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Easter eggs & center piece

Today I wanted to do something different, and make a little DIY how-to 
on the pretty Easter eggs my family made this morning and the 
centerpiece I put together quick for my mum. 

1. First- we hard boiled brown eggs

2. Next, we used a white craft pen to draw some funny and pretty designs. 
We bought our craft pen from Walmart for about $2.

3.  We learned quick that it worked best when you only drew a small portion of your
design and then set it propped up in the carton while it dried. This way your designs
 don't run like the one above^
4. Here's a picture of all our eggs decorated :]

5. Then I found some old fake flowers, a pretty wood bowl, and a scarf I could use
 as a table runner and put them together to make mum a pretty Easter/spring centerpiece :]

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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Garza kids (missing- Holly, Ava, Alexa, and Josh)
Photo credit: Uncle Mike's iPhone
When I was a kid, my favorite part of Easter was the Garza family party. I loved getting to hang out all day with my cousins, and eating all the good food, and beating up on my cousin Dillon. Every holiday with the Dad's side was a blast because there was a bunch of little kids there my age. On Easter though, there was one event  that we looked forward to every year- the Easter egg hunt. When I was little, hunting for Easter eggs was like playing gold rush. You stand there at the front, feet itching to run, and your heart racing till they yelled go and we could start tearing through the yard looking for those eggs. There were always the obvious ones, but there were always a few that were sneaky, and usually one, that was so high, you always needed an uncle to lift you up to get it. I don't mean to be rude, but I always kicked my cousin's butt at this. This was MY game, and I rocked at it. lol. 

This year, the older cousins got to fill all the eggs and hide them for the Easter egg hunt. We were having so much fun, and I found the prettiest egg in the bunch, and hid it up on the windowsill of  the garage, so terribly excited to watch all the little ones go crazy hunting for their eggs. When the time came for the hunt, the little ones were the CALMEST I think I have ever seen them! There was no pushing and shoving over the eggs, no one got trampled or hurt. They happily kept to them self collecting their eggs and having fun. It definitely wasn't the all out war I remember it to be, but then again when we were little, we beat each other up and called it "fight-club" and thought it was fun. In the end it was the adults that  started throwing hard candy at each other and acting immature....guess we had to offset the proper behavior of the kids. lol. 

One thing stayed true to tradition though, that pretty little egg on the windowsill was spotted by a little shrimp in need of a boost. That little shrimp was my oldest nephew Connor, and that sweet heart looked up at me and asked for help. In that moment life changed for me. I went from being the shrimp needing a boost, to being the Aunt ready to help in what felt like a matter of seconds. Some how going through college, and getting ready to graduate didn't make me feel special or needed or like an adult. Yet, the chance to help my nephew changed my world, and I can't explain that feel good moment I got to experience when I lifted him up and saw the excitement on his face. I've started to get excited about this next stage in my life lately, but nothing has solidified it like this before, I can't wait to have more moments like this, and to start experiencing things from this side...aka adulthood. 

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Coffee Date / Fridays Letter's

Yay! I can't believe it's Friday again! Okay, that was a lie, I can believe it's Friday again, I feel like I've been counting down the minutes since last Saturday as far as how long I'd have to wait to get a break again.UGH....

I wanna go to college the rest of my life, Sip Banker's Club Caramel Frappes and drink Miller Lite Coffee on Ice ..... I love hate college...ay! and I love drinking crocheting...ay! ..... 

lol sorry I suck. :]

Anywho, its time for Coffee Date and Friday's Letters :]

If we were having coffee today I would tell you, how lucky I am that my Genetics Class is a class of SEVEN. Yes, that's right, my college course of genetics has a total of six other kids in it, and if it weren't for our sense of "brotherhood" for surviving this course as the first class, aka the "test-run" kids, I would of failed my test today. Three chapters in any other subject wouldn't be that hard to study, but three chapters of genetics leaves me brain dead. I'm so lucky and happy a student that took it early stopped me and gave me some heads up on a few questions yesterday, or I would of failed. Instead, I feel pretty good, I probably got a B.

If we were having coffee today I would also tell you that skipping breakfast to study, but grabbing the left over caramel frappe from BK last night was a bad choice. UGH, my stomach feels like I just declared war on it. I need to get some food in there, like crackers, so it quits yelling at me.

If we were having coffee today I would also tell you that my experience here at TU has taken many obnoxious twists and turns, and I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, that things work out in the end, because I'm sick of getting tossed around here.

I would also tell you, that today has been crazy, and I actually started this post a little over 12 hours ago! And am just now getting a chance to get back at it!


Dear Vincenso - I love you, and the fact that you will go to BK and Wendy's at late hours of the night to get me coffee and dinner. You're perfect <3 data-blogger-escaped-b=""> Dear Today you've been crazy, and its past my bedtime.... Dear BigLots - thank you for surprising me with some gorgeous yarn. I can't wait to figure out what to make with you Dear Tiffin Walmart - thank you for having your crew necks on sale for $1, Toledo's they were $3....I still bought another one.... Dear Boyfriend - you're cute, and I'm sad I don't get to cuddle up with you the next few nights.

 I love sneaking pictures of him while he's cuddling up to me in he's sleep....I hope that's not creepy...lol,


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wip- wrap belts, headbands, and necklaces!

It's WIP WEDNESDAY and oh boy do I have some goodies for you! I'm really excited about these three incoming products for the spring collection. I don't have any modeled photos yet, but Im hoping to get that taken care of this weekend :] Take a look, and start making your spring/summer "must-haves" lists! Keep in mind, chelseaMADE takes custom orders, so if you see an item you like, but would prefer a different color(s), just shoot us an email on the blog or from the store, and I'll get it taken care of for you :] 

These three pretties are wrap belts :] wrap them around a couple times, or tie in a bow to style over your cute sundress or your favorite colored shorts and cardigan :]

These are some hippie/boho/hipster chic headbands :] Sooooo cute....I can't explain how much I love these :]

Last but definitely not least, these precious light weight and dainty knit necklaces! So stinky cute and perfect for every outfit this summer. Its light weight quality lets you get that gorgeous statement chunky look without the bulky weight ;]

Do you have any fun projects currently in the work? Doesn't have to be knit or crochet, could be a poem, or a painting, maybe an academic paper you're really stoked on ;] anything that you're working on lately, I would love to hear about it in the comments section! :]  I'm contemplating turning WIP WEDNESDAY into a linky party ;] 
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