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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP- Tori's dinosaur :]

This last week, I worked on a custom order that reminded me once again, why I love crochet. When I get busy, and I'm constantly busy and drained during the summer due to the physical labor and long hours aspect of my job, I forget about crochet. Yes, I hate to admit something that has been such a big part of my life, the longest hobby I've had, (excluding theatre possibly? ) tends to be forgotten for about four months a year. Not because I only crochet fall/winter items, because I crochet much more, but just because I'm too busy and in turn, it feels draining. However, this project brought back love in my heart for crochet, and reminded me that, that little hook and yarn, it can do marvelous things. We started out with a picture of a dinosaur crochet plushie she found online, discussed the possibility of adding a bow tie or a hair bow depending on the sex of the baby, and we waited. Once we found out the sex, sadly, we had to wait for my spring class schedule, and then for my accelerated summer course to end before I could really start the project. I don't make a lot of stuffed animals or plushies, I'm more of a "wearable" crochet project person. That being said, it took me a little longer than it would another crocheter because I had to remember how to curve things and such that I don't typically do, to create a new pattern. 

The final project isn't an exact match, but its still perfectly cute! The adorable touch of a tiny pink hair bow on top makes an awesome addition! I do wish It would of ended up closer to the original shape, but I'm still in love with it! I was definitely sad to see it go so soon! Seeing it sit around on its own four legs for a couple days was a thrill ;]

Needless to say, this project lit a fire in me again, I want to find time to get more stuff for the summer done so I can list some items for the warmer months up in the store. First however, I need to do some major work in my "studio" so I actually have room to work. Maybe my update next week will involve a pretty studio, in stead of my room in boxes like its been the last four years. Wish me luck :]

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

I'm just going to hit Friday's letters this week :] sorry if it disappoints anyone.

Dear Work- I don't know why, but you're already leaving me exhausted. I don't appreciate it. Dear Vince- Thanks for staying up late with me last night so I could spend some much needed time with you :]! Dear Future Landlord- Thanks to your "mix-up" , I don't trust you, and I haven't even moved in yet. I am anything but thrilled about having to depend on you for the next year. Dear Relay For Life- You snuck up way too quick. I wasn't able to help the family with anything for you this year. But I did just cut my hair again to donate it, so hopefully that counts for something? Dear Tiffin Hospital- You should hire me so that I can move home to Vincenso. This commuting a couple times a week isn't working for me. Dear Car- thanks for letting me put all the miles on you latley. Dear Heidelberg University- I'm dying. Please contact me soon so I can know if you're an option financially. Dear Readers- I'm sorry I suck. I know I always have an excuse, but when I'm bouncing between three cities all week, and my sleep schedule is all messed up, blogging just isn't the first thing on my mind. My apologies. 
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