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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hook and needle holder :]

Change of plans, snow is coming on Friday so I am going to leave a day early, so a lot more cleaning had to be done today than i had anticipated, but that's all right. Cleaning led me to find most of my hooks! Since I have so many in my possession now, I decided to make a little carrier for them and my knitting needles.


It holds three sets of knitting needles, and afghan hook, two large plastic crochet hooks, 9 smaller metal ones, two yarn needles tied together, and a small pair of scissors. It isn't exactly working the way I had thought it would, I took a weaved bamboo like place mat and weaved ribbon through the sticks to form little holders for everything. I think I'll branistorm some more and see what I can get, I know I saw this idea somewhere else before.....I just can't recall where : / It was probably somewhere on cutoutandkeep.net :]

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

crochet flower

Time is going so fast! Only 3 days until I'm back at school and starting real life again...so sad. But a second job might be in the works, so lets hope it all works out :]  On with a crochet picture for today, a pretty flower :] now just to figure out what to do with it!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

leg warmers

Today while running some errands with my parents, I started working on a present for my niece and finished them! Two cute sets of wittle weg warmers! ...or little leg warmers for those of you who can talk to children with out sounding like an idiot....I'm not there yet. lol. Here are the pictures, hopefully I'll get some better ones once they've been sent her way.

Light tan, white, and pink flower leg warmers...

 & Light, and dark purple heart legwarmers :]
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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today I did a bunch more cleaning since I'll be heading back to school this friday.  I've made several donation piles and will be taking them tomorrow. My family is always telling me that I have WAY too many clothes, so I narrowed down my closet some, and will be taking some things to Plato's Closet, and a lot to goodwill. I'm hoping to make a t-shirt rag rug out of some of the shirts I'm getting rid of, so hopefully it will go well and i'll put a tutorial up on here :]  But anywho, tomorrow will consist of running errands to donate, and hopefully finding some good stuff to organize some more of my craft stuff. But for now I'm gonna spend the rest of the night relaxing with a skein of yarn and my favorite crochet hook. It's been a long day. :]

if life was perfect.....

my yarn stash would look like this <3
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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Another love of mine is, CHEESEBURGERS. Hahaha. strange right? But I have a minor obsession with  cheeseburgers that have cause me to make a few fun items over the years :] I hope you like them!
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Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I'm doing my post a little earlier than normal. Vincenso is coming to visit me and my family tonight (he's making us all dinner! what a great bf! ) so I didn't want to have to take time away from his visit to post. So rather than  doing a post on what I did today, I'm doing a post on what I love, and use to make all the time, HATS! I love them! big tam hats, slouchy hats, beanies, goofy hats, all kinds of hats. In order to show you how much I love making hats, I thought it would be fun to fill today's posts with the different styles of hats I've made! ENJOY <3

    model credit goes to : Miss Theresa Beasley, Lilly Gut, and myself
photography credit goes to : Miss Jenna Garza, Alicia Gut, and myself

for more of Jenna Garza's photography, check her out HERE :]
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

packing up books

I didn't find time today for any pictures sadly, I was up late, and ended up sleeping all morning. : / I really hate when I do that, but when I finally got around to things today, I was organizing. I'm a bit of a pack rat, I'm just like my father in that way sadly. So since I'm only home for a little over a week before school starts up again, I figured it was time I start getting some things organized and packed up for when I graduate next year and, GULP, move out on my own. Its crazy because I feel like I just started college, and I know when the time comes and I'm looking back, its still going to feel like it was just yesterday when a scared little girl moved to TU for the first time. I know packing up now to most people will sound way too early, but I'm only home for Thanksgiving and Christmas during the school year, and if I don't stay in Columbus this summer, and I'll still be very busy with classes and an internship and a full time job, so honestly, I didn't start soon enough! Today I went though all my old Cosmetology stuff and the class stuff I kept here from the last two years. So now all my science info and papers, and all my class stuff from cos school are organized and in a box for the attic till I get my own place. It was actually kind of sad going through my things from cos school. It just makes me wish I had the time to get back into to it.

crochet update : I'm trying a new pattern for a slouchy beanie. lets hope it comes out nice :] I'm also working on getting a mini photo shoot together for right before I go back to school. I have a lot of my stuff shot already, but I want to get more models wearing different things. Luckily, I have a great photographer as a little sister, and she has lots of friends :]
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

project two

Today I finished my shirt! HIP HIP HOORAY for project 2 being done way early! It isn't exactly like the photo I was inspired by, but it's still pretty cute. Tomorrow I plan on getting better pictures of a few things hopefully, and then a photo will be up :] besides my crocheted shirt, today wasn't really busy when it comes to work for the blog/store. I stayed up way too late last night ( 5 am...whoops..)  as I was busy with movies, the shirt and surfing the net for blog layouts so I ended up sleeping in pretty late. Once I was up we took my sister to a game store where I ended up buying a ps1 and crash bandicoot games. They were my favorite growing up :] so yay for the 90's!

I've got a lot of ideas for my blog, once it starts getting some followers and is really up and going. I really think I'd like doing a crochet a long. I'd love to share a pattern I'm learning, or one I've made myself, with my followers and have them do the same project and upload photos of the finished item. I think it'd be really neat to see everyone's own unique twist on the projects. I'm also thinking about doing a DIY day once a week with little cute projects. But for now I need to work on bulking up my inventory for the store till we go live. I'm afraid if I start everything right now while I've got so many projects on hold, I'd end up biting off more than I can chew, but none the less, some lovely ideas for the blog are brewing in this head of mine, can't wait to get started :]
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

yarn shopping :]

my older sisters got me the niftiest periodic table flashcards (...yes I am that science geek that asked for periodic table flashcards for christmas...and yes...i love them) and a gift card to jo ann fabrics. So today when my family left to go shopping, I went with them to get some yarn. Ohhhh the amazing colors and textures <3 My usually yarn options are only those at Walmart, and in the tiny towns I frequent, there aren't very many options when it comes to texture, so I usually stick to the tried and true RedHeart brand, but tonight I lived a little crazy. lol

Thanks to the sales, and my lovely sister's gift cards, I got several skeins of yarn beautiful colors, and textures, and only had to pay $1.66 out of pocket! I'm so excited to get started on some projects once I finish the shirt I've started making ( pictures to come...).  The skeins I bought were two different brands, and five different colors. The first two skeins I bought were Sensations Sumptuous, in color 49325, and 49363 (...otherwise known as green, and blue. lol). The other brand I bought was Premier Yarns, the Deborah Norville collection Serenity chunky weight in colors Pristine (2 skeins), Red Ochre, and Red Bayou. I think they're all absolutely beautiful <3

Now I'm off to work on the shirt I'm crocheting. hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning :]
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Monday, January 2, 2012

my resolution

This year, one of my new year's resolutions is to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks. Which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to give myself someway of documenting it, thinking, if its out here in the world, I'll be more inclined to do it. I'm definitely going to need some motivation this summer when I plan on doing my required internship,while working as close to full time as possible, and taking summer courses to free up some space my senior year. YIKES. Just thinking about it stresses me out...so on to a more exciting  point of this topic, day two brings my first completed project of the year!

My friend Kelsie wore the cutest top to our boyfriends' family Christmas party, and I fell in love with it! So, once I got home from visiting Columbus, the next chance I got to sit down and crochet, I grabbed my skein of black RedHeart yarn and jumped right in. I've always been pretty good at looking at things, breaking it down,and thinking to myself, "I could make that..." So I already had a pretty good idea of how to make the shirt when I first started out, but I only did a few rows before it was time to head out to visit Vincenso for new years. I kind of made a conscious effort not to bring any crochet with me during my Christmas visit, but I couldn't help myself for new years visit, I was anxious about this project, so I took advantage of my time last night when we laid down to watch TV before bed. I crocheted my little heart out for a little bit, (in the dark, only lit by the TV which I would not advise...) I had no problem finding my stitches, and thought everything was going great, headed home this afternoon excited to jump right back into it...only to discover, it was much too wide for myself. le sigh.... There is absolutely nothing I hate more than having to unravel a project, so when ever possible I try to switch gears and turn it into something usable instead of scraping it.

Thus, my new hello kitty cowl was created :] Its kind of a lot different from my other cowls, because for the most part, I usually use the same stitch, or same two stitches all the way through a cowl. But this one has several different stitches in different patterns making it unique to my collection so far, and I really like it. I had the perfect row of open squares to run a ribbon through, so I dug through the sewing box that I've been trying to get organized and pulled out my ribbon, and found this hello kitty ribbon in my stash. The width of the ribbon was perfect for the height of the stitches, so I weaved the ribbon through, and voila! Very pretty if I do say so myself :] So now I'm working on a pair of matching fingerless gloves to sell with it as a set.

As far as my resolution of  52 projects in 52 weeks, I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start eh?
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

day one...

2012 will hopefully bring exciting things to my life, and I decided that I want to blog about it. As my cousins, and possibly my little sister and I, start a small business of our own, Id love to keep track of my personal adventure. So now, in the last 10 minutes of the first of the year, I've signed up for a blog, and I anxiously await for the next year to unfold, and I hope to eventually have people that will follow my blog and watch our adventures unfold as well. What I'm hoping to achieve through this blog is not only a documentation of the starting of our business, but also, creative insperation through what I hope to be daily posts to document my life as a college student, hard working employee, new blogger, creative genius (ha...i wish ;] lol), new business starter, and daughter/sister/girlfriend to my amazing family and boyfriend. wish me goodluck! Happy new years :] !
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