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Friday, March 1, 2013

coffee date link up

Its Friday again so I'm excited to link up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches for her coffee date again this week.

I'm actually having milk and these fried apple pie cuties that my mommy made me! Some of my medicine doesn't go well with caffeine so since I took it this morning, I have to skip on coffee today. But these yummies go perfectly with milk! So I'm not complaining!

This week her prompt is five must-have beauty products. Well, I thought of 7, and really it should of been 8 really because I forgot to throw in a hairthing to pull your hair up with. I went on more of a quick morning 5-10 minutes to get ready theme. Here's the snap shot of my items:

I'll explain left to right, rather than importance just so it goes with the picture. lol

First a side note- all these products, or similar ones, can be bought at Walmart, and on a poor college girl budget ;]

1. HAIRSPRAY - now this isn't actually the brain I buy, but I'm visiting my parents and I didn't bring mine with me. I usually buy Rave? I think that's what its called. Its the big silver can one with the blue top at walmart and several other drug stores. Being a licensed cosmetologist, I should have a favorite salon brand hairspray...but I don't. I really buy the one from Walmart out of convience because I go there for so many other things, and because I'm a poor college girl. I'd rather save a few bucks on hairspray, so I can spend a little more on things I find more important. It really doesn't matter what brand, or what hold, just so its something YOU like to use.

2. RAT TAIL COMB & BOBBY PINS - this comb was actually bought at sallys. They come in a pack of 10 or 12, I forget because I bought mine so long ago, but you can also buy a rat tail fine toothed comb at just about any drug store. What is important about this item in my opinion, is teasing your hair. If you're in a hurry and don't have time to shower, you can hide your dirty mess with a quick tease of your bang area, pin it up with your handy dandy bobby pins, and throw the rest in a messy top bun, side bun, low bun, low braid, really anything you can style super quick and set with your hairspray of choice.

3. CREST 3D WHITE TOOTHPASTE -  I know, when you think of beauty must-haves, you aren't really thinking about your teeth...but you should be! A person's smile can make such a huge difference in my opinion! We all stain our teeth, drinking soda, coffee, all kinds of stuff thats ucky and makes our teeth look ucky over long term consumption. I hate to say it, but the commercials are right, if you aren't WHITENING your teeth, you're YELLOWING. This toothpaste really does make a difference with everyday use. I started using it last summer, and when I decided to skimp on buying tooth paste and buy something cheaper....my teeth were not the pearly whites I had come to love. So I'm back now, and I'm a devoted user. Skimping on my hairspray a little lets me spend a little more for my toothpaste :]

I have trouble finding a concealer I like, especially during the winter, my face peels and its gross no matter how many times I apply moisturizer and lotion. I  also tend to have trouble finding a shade that matches my skin tone well too. Recently though, I tried maybelline's instant age rewind and so far its the best drug store liquid foundation I've used. I'm only 22, so I don't necessarily need an anti-aging foundation, but this was one fo the few foundations I could find at walmart that included a primer and I love it. Sometimes I still need to use my revlon concealer stick to hide the circles under my eyes or other dark spots that peek through the maybelline. Both products are quick and easy to use and I don't feel like I need to set it with powder everyday, so when I'm rushing I don't! & my make-up still looks fine :] !

5. MASCARA - I use Loreal Voluminous in black and I use regualar during the winter, and waterproof during the summer. In my opinion, I love this mascara, but really, everyone has their own favorites, and in my opinion I just think its important that you use any mascara rather than skipping it. Even when I'm rushed to get ready, I always use mascara even if I'm skipping eyeshadow and liner. It instantly takes you from that "i just woke up and my face is smashed--like my pillow print on my face?" look to "hello bright-eyes! how are you this morning?"

So those are my 5 beauty must haves. I'm in a rush, so maybe tomorrow I'm edit this post to include how my week went and what i'm looking forwarded to this weekend. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying your coffee or milk or whatever you decided to have this Friday!

Visit Alissa at rags to stitches to see her top 5 and other bloggers that linked up this week!


  1. What is the best way to fake a "beauty mark"?
    What are some makeup tips/techniques I can use?
    My site - Luxury

    1. Sorry! I just found your comment today! Blogger for some reason had labeled it spam. As far as your question, I have never attempted faking a beauty mark. Though, my instincts are telling me that going with a waterproof liquid eyeliner would be the best method. Then depending on your skin type, you might want to set it with a translucent powder. Again, my apologies about the late reply, I'm not sure why blogger put you as spam!


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