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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tech week

I know, I know, I keep saying I'm going to post more often, and never end up doing it. This week will be no different being that the play I am apart of at school goes into tech week tomorrow night, and my life will virtually be non existent for a week. Sorry folks, but when I have class all morning, work all afternoon, and now play rehearsal all night (literally...from 6pm till 12 am.), there isn't even time for homework, or even time to go to my night classes this week, so I'm not about to kid myself into thinking I'm going to get on top of things this week. What I will do though, is tell you how excited I am that things are really starting to get on there way!

The store currently has 8 ready to be purchased listings, and 2 custom make orders photographed and listed. Dalana and I are currently working on banner ideas for the store, and the website. The format for the regular website I believe is pretty much decided upon, Dalana just needs to find time for the coding, and I've been doing my best to edit little details here and there while final decisions are slowly but surely being made for the store.

 I'm already counting down till summer where my days will be spent sweating up a storm while I work at the shooting range, my lunch breaks taken up by crochet and such for the store, and my nights on homework for my online classes and studying for the GRE/MCAT (theres been a sudden twist of events on my education...more on that later...). Its all too much to think about right now with my 40+ hour weeks out at the shooting range during the summers, but it will be well worth it next August when I move into a beautiful apartment with Vincenso, Kelsie, and Marco! My fall semester will be busy but great, with my mornings working at the local animal shelter, a few short hours in class, afternoons at tennis, nightly study dates with Vincenso since I'm two online classes and weekends spent on play rehearsals and catching up on hmwk. While the hopefully plentiful spare time will be spent working on stuff for the store! Ohhh August couldn't possibly come soon enough. <3
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Its Friday !

It's Friday, Friday, gotta go to the doctor's on Friday.....wait...what?

YUP. It's Friday, not only is it Friday, but it's the first day of my spring break, and I was up at 7:30 am in order to make it home in time for my doctor's appointment. Not exactly what I had hoped for my spring break this year, but life happens. As far as the doctor's appointment, a second verdict is in, and confirms the first, I have Vertigo. What I thought was a made up illness is apparently a lot more common than I had originally thought. Bad news, the medicine that didn't help much but made me sleep, is the best they can do for me, and I'm likely to get it again. Good news, the first time is generally the worst, and apparently it's already on its way out. So I guess it's safe to say I have a date with tylenol, and the couch for at least the next couple days.

In other news, I want to thank my awesome big sister Holly over at The Baby Steps Blog , for awarding me the Liebster  Award! What's the Liesbster award? Liebster apparently means dearest, beloved, or favorite, the main idea is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers, once you've been selected you have to:

1. Choose FIVE up and coming blogs to award the Liebster award to (must have less than 200 followers)
2. show your thanks to the blogger who gave the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog. (uhm what? haha....I'm so new to the blogging thing....)
4. List the bloggers you are giving this award to with links to their sites.
5. Have fun and share the love :]

Now I'm still very much a beginner to this whole blog thing, and I'll probably still not know how to work things, or know what things mean (uhhh, bloPost? was that a typo? ...) a year from now, but I'm trying. Now onto giving away the award.

1. The Baby Steps Blog I love that my sister's blog allows me to keep in touch with her family even though they're so far away, I love them very much!
2. Starr Creations One of my partner's in crime when it comes to trying to get this store up and running, check out her blog to see progress with the store/website as well as product pictures :]
3.A Granny A Day Okay, so I don't know how to check her number of followers(...or the next two blogs...) and the site might not be very active now, but I think the idea behind this blog is terrific! It follows an on going project of 365 different granny squares, and to any avid crocheter, the inspiration is endless!
4.Crafty Minx another blog that offers me inspiration when it comes to crochet, the blog even offers a crochet school for those wanting to learn, which I think is a very sweet idea.
5. The Small Things Blog as a licensed cosmetologist, I can't get enough hair, makeup, and nail pictures with new ideas and up coming trends, and this blog has a bunch of hair ideas!

Alright, as my headache sets in again, I think it's time for a break, maybe a nap...and hopefully some crochet later in the evening. Besides missing Vincenso already, this break is just what I needed <3

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Monday, March 5, 2012

sick :/

As soon as I thought I found the perfect time slots to work on the stuff for the store, I get sick. Not just sick, but the kind of sick that lingers for weeks :/  So I am finally going to the doctor after 3 weeks so I can get better, and  start working on some fun stuff, like that cheeseburger beanbag I have my heart set on ;]

I really thought we'd have the store up and running by February, but after winter break, real life got in the way, but with spring break right around the corner, I am confident Dalana and I will be able to get back to pushing forward full speed when it comes to the site, and the store. I'm not even healthy yet, and I'm feeling completely rejuvenated just thinking about having a full week's worth of time to dedicate towards finally getting the store up and going.

I'm incredible anxious for the minute that the site/store goes live, and our stuff is finally out there in world, for everyone to enjoy :]
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