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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP WEDNESDAY- bikini top finish :)

Hey guys! I know I mentioned last Wednesday that I didn't have much time due to the family visiting. However, I haven't had much luck finding time to work on things this week either. I only have two more days in this weeks pay period, and I'm hoping to hit at least 70 hours before time cards are sent in, at this point I have 52.5. Considering we're already going in an hour earlier tomorrow, I think I'm gonna make it :) All work things aside, I did manage to finish the bikini top from last week :) it fits even better then the original blue one I modeled it after. I think I have an extra stitch in the first row or something, but I followed the stitching well, and yet it fits much better. So I'm pleased. Eventually I will have all the sizing things down and I could put different sizes in the store :)



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