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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday - necklaces

This last week has been...interesting. Despite being sick for a week and not being able to make it through a full day of classes since last Tuesday, I've also had some miss-fortunate events. Such as a nose bleed that lasted over a half hour, absolutely awful and unproductive search for a new apartment, finding out some how my financial aid was miscalculated and now I owe more money(that's due before I can walk in May by the way....), and chemical burning myself during genetics lab and having to take off my skinny jeans (...if you're lucky, maybe I'll write a post on that fiasco, because its scared me for life #UGH #sciencemajorprobs). In fear of not having anything to post for a second week in a row though, I made a few cute necklaces quick before bed. 

I couldn't help but think it was super cute when Vince came in the bedroom and asked "Doing some fingerknitting?" . The fact that he knows what I was doing, and what to call it, melts my heart. Hahaha :]! I couldn't help but think of this meme :

Happy Wednesday!


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