just a college girl trying to figure out life...follow my adventures as the creator of a handmade accessories line ❤

My team!!

 Chelsea Garza (HEY THAT'S ME =D) is that main person behind chelseaMADE. She personally hand constructs every piece that is sold in the chelseaMADE store. She resides with her boyfriend Vincenso in Tiffin and is currently a full time student at Tiffin University studying forensic science and will graduate this spring with her BCJ. She hopes to one day study to be a Pathology Assistant and fulfill her ultimate dreams of working with the human body.

Jenna Garza is currently a Sophomore at Capital University, and an 18 year old aspiring photographer. Music and art are hobbies of hers, and she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Music Technology with a minor in Electronic Media. Jenna loves photography and taking pictures of people, animals, and just about anything else because it allows her to show the world through her point of view in the form of a picture.

Theresa Beasley is a Psychology major at Bowling Green State University. She strives to be a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, specializing in addictions and/or post-traumatic stress. Theresa enjoys music, art, fashion, cartoons, and anything else made from a creator’s true heart. Miss Beasley also just so happens to be ultimate BFF’s with ChelseaMade’s photographer Jenna Garza.

***** currently there are no bios available for Madison, Quinn, Marissa, and Jessica*****


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