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Monday, April 22, 2013

Sorry I've been so MIA...

I'm sorry I have been completely MIA for awhile now (12 days to be exact...). I'd like to say I'll be more active soon, but I probably won't, and I don't want to lie to you. This is my last week of classes, and with professors adding assignments to try and cram in things they forgot about, my free time is pretty much obsolete as I try to cram these new assignments into my schedule. The added stress of trying to find a new job and a new apartment isn't helping too much either. Regardless, I don't have the time to keep up right now, and with graduation rapidly approaching I'm hoping you all with understand and not hate me while I try to figure out this new step in life. I promise when I have time to get back to the blog, I will. 

Hopefully I'll have a job locked down by the second week of May. Then my stress can go away, but I do not plan on driving an hour to and from work everyday to go back to my old job. Especially the mornings when I need to be to work at 4. I am not getting up at 2am to get on the road by 3am to be at work at 4am just to not come home till 8 or 9 pm. That's just not going to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can find a decent job in the tiny little college town I love.

So far I've filled out applications/submitted my resume to 2 pharmacies and a doctor's office. Besides working fast food or as a waitress, those are the only options I'm somewhat qualified for that I have found so far. Not to talk down on the food industry, but after working 60+ hours a week for 8.50$ with overtime pay (..and the fact that I have a college degree now...) I'm not exactly willing to work someplace where I have to count on the generosity of my customers leaving decent tips or in a hairnet above a grill. I'm just praying it doesn't come down to me having to work night shifts at McDonald's. I just need to find something that pays decent and will give me a lot of hours so I can save up for rent for the rest of the year again.

 #UGH. Did I mention how much I hate college yet?   ....cause I do.
I hope everyone else that is stressed out about finals or job hunts or anything really finds time to get it all done and relax. Until I get another chance to post, enjoy some Ryan Gosling. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday - necklaces

This last week has been...interesting. Despite being sick for a week and not being able to make it through a full day of classes since last Tuesday, I've also had some miss-fortunate events. Such as a nose bleed that lasted over a half hour, absolutely awful and unproductive search for a new apartment, finding out some how my financial aid was miscalculated and now I owe more money(that's due before I can walk in May by the way....), and chemical burning myself during genetics lab and having to take off my skinny jeans (...if you're lucky, maybe I'll write a post on that fiasco, because its scared me for life #UGH #sciencemajorprobs). In fear of not having anything to post for a second week in a row though, I made a few cute necklaces quick before bed. 

I couldn't help but think it was super cute when Vince came in the bedroom and asked "Doing some fingerknitting?" . The fact that he knows what I was doing, and what to call it, melts my heart. Hahaha :]! I couldn't help but think of this meme :

Happy Wednesday!

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

A day late and a coffee short...

I know! I know! No WIP this week, and a late coffee date! #UGH 
Just know I haven't neglected the blog on purpose. I fully intended to write this post yesterday, but after class, apartment hunting, and work, we unexpectedly were entertaining a bunch of wrestlers and a few recruits for next year. #Adayinthelifeofacoach'sgirlfriend . It seems Vince constantly has random coach obligations we didn't expect. It was a lot of fun nonetheless, but it would of been rude to disappear or sit on my laptop in front of them. So I choose to just wait till today to write and post. 

In regards to coffee date this week, I'm not a mommy yet, and life has yet to tell me whether I ever will be. I know we'll always have Vince's students, and his team to spoil if we don't, so that issue is up in the air. That being said, I'm choosing to not weigh in on the mommy wars topic.

Instead, if we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how much I'd hope it was at Bob Even's so I could have their amazing coffee. I've been craving it, but money is tight, so no more wasting money on yummy coffees for me for a while. I'd also tell you that we're looking at apartments for this summer to keep our options open since Vince has a really good job opportunity here this summer. Which coincidentally is why money is tight. lol. We hadn't anticipated needing money for a deposit and paying rent come May since we would usually head back home to our parents. I'm really excited about being able to spend the summer with him, so hopefully, we find a place we can afford here. 

If we were having coffee this morning I'd tell you how perfect life has been. The weather is getting nice out, school is coming to an end, and even though there's still a ton of work to do, I'm finally able to start getting excited about graduating. The countdown on my phone currently says its 28 days, 4 hours, 51 minutes, and 36 seconds till graduation. I can't wait :]

Dear Boyfriend - I'm terribly excited about this summer. Hopefully we find a new home soon ♥ Dear last night - Thank you for a surprising, yet lovely evening with Vince and his team :] Dear Marco and Kel - Thanks for cleaning the downstairs while I was at work, and for making the pasta so the boys didn't come visit a dirty/food-less house :] Dear TU- please submit my paperwork soon so I don't miss out on the Heidelberg classes !!!! Dear Graduation - I've got my eye on you....and my T-minus app , now how do I decide what to wear ?!?!?! Dear Cold- I really dislike that you make me feel like I'm dying in the morning, and then reek havoc on my ears and sinuses at night before bed. Please just go away! kthanks! Dear Saturday - Please be a very productive day! If I could get a couple papers down, That'd be amazing! Dear Gabby - OMG I ordered my bridesmaid dress this week! I can't wait :]!!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No WIP this week :(

Sorry, no WIP this week, I've been working on school stuff and just enjoying my time with Vincenso ♥

It's been a wonderful week with him, I hope you guys have had a good week too.

In the meantime, enjoy one of my new favorite songs :]

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Insta-Weekend Update week #3

ONE- spinach flat bread from Friday's, the family went to Toledo Friday night so we could have a bit of fun :]
TWO- glow in the dark fish from Walmart!
THREE- super pretty spring colored fishies from Walmart!
FOUR- big awkward bug eyed fish i fell in love with at Walmart
FIVE- mmmm! a cookie and cream cupcake from Cake In A Cup
SIX- my nephew Owen showing off the goodies he got in the Easter egg hunt
SEVEN- my beautiful cousin Blanca and I at the Easter party

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