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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday! - two more cowls and update on blanket!

This week I have two more cowls and a little more work on the blanket from last week. 

The first cowl I finished this week was a bumble bee inspired cowl! Worked very similarly to the puff stitch cowl from last week. Both yarns were red heart brand, and the beginning and end were worked with both yarns, then the body was worked alternating the yarns for a striped bumble bee effect! Same as last week, the stitches were very simple, only chain, slip, single, and puff used for it. I used my favorite sized hook for this one, N-9.00 mm. I have a new one in a rose gold colored metal that I bought once when waiting for a prescription to be filled. Its now my favorite hook, even though I have the same one in a regular gold and a purple. I lose things a lot so it helps to have multiple :]

The second cowl I made this week was different then the others. This one used three strands simultaneously in white and yellow red heart brand, and cannon in Indian clay. I used the grey plastic hook I described last week for this cowl as well. Once again, really simple stitches, just chain, slip, and single crochet I believe...it might have been double crochet, I'm too lazy to dig it out and look. Sorry :]

Now for the actual work in progress, its still the blanket, but I have a more updated picture for you to enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday! - 2 cowls, and a blanket

okay, so this week I have a couple cute pictures for you!

I finished two new cowls this week, so I guess they aren't really works in progress technically. But they are not up in the store yet, so I'll put pictures here! :] My actual work in progress is a blanket! I don't usually make blankets unless I have a friend's baby in mind. They just are too time consuming for my attention span. This one was actually suppose to be a snood, but I didn't realize it was WAY too big till is was too late, and its gorgeous, so I can't rip it, it must be re-purposed! I feel like it will probably make a better baby blanket then a lap blanket because of the already established width.

The first cowl that was finished this week was crocheted in a yarn brand from Walmart, I tossed out the skein labels, so I'll have to check next time I'm there what it was, and what color name. I used my grey plastic hook for it, I don't know what size it is cause I bought it forever ago in a set, its the typical two jumbo plastic hook set that you can find at Joanne's or Walmart, I believe I bought mine at Joanne's though. Anyways, I used the smaller of the two hooks for this project. It was actually really simple, I don't use patterns and I only used chain stitch, single crochet, slip stitch, at the top and bottom, the majority of the cowl was done in a puff stitch.The whole thing was worked in the round versus flat and having to stitch up the sides at the end.

The second cowl was knitted using two yarns simultaneously. I used a multicolored green red heart yarn, as well as a red heart yarn in black. You actually can't tell the changing in green colors very well because of the mix with black, but it still looks pretty! I used my bright pink plastic knitting needles for this cowl in size US 35, or 19 mm. I guess this week my tool of choice was plastic. The whole cowl is just knit, no purl or anything else, just knit. Then I used a crochet hook to connect the two ends.

Now for the blanket! I just love it! Its absolutely gorgeous to me. The majority of the yarn used is red heart yarn bought at Walmart, but the orange used in it I have no idea what brand it is, I'm assuming not red heart since I've never seen this shade at the store. Awhile back my mother's co-worker gave me some yarn when she stopped crafting, and this tiny bit used is from the remains of an old skein of hers that was given to me. As far as stitches and patterns, I couldn't tell you. Well, I suppose I could, but I just worked out of random stitches from my head, all kinds of stuff was used. and I'm not even sure of the technical terms used for some of the stitches I used, so I think its better if I don't attempt to explain the madness :]
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

YAY! for big things!

Today, I am overly excited for October to come! I hope opening my store is a huge success! I know it wont be at first, at that it will probably take awhile to get my first sale, but if I could sell like, 3 things a month, I would consider it a HUGE success! hahahah! Big dreams here guys ;] ! Of course it would be amazing if orders come pouring in, but I'm a realistic gal here, and I understand that is not reasonable with the beginnings of an online business. All I know is that I cannot wait to celebrate my first sale! I've sold other things to people before, and have had some requested as gifts, but I can't wait for my real first purchase through my store! It will just be so exciting!

After a lot of DIY trials, and a lot of problem solving, I finally came to the conclusion that have tags made for my brand would be more time and cost efficient. So yesterday I did just that! I ordered through an etsy vendor greenbeansnstrings and I cannot wait for them to come in the mail! They should be here before October second and I can start putting them on my products :]! yay!

In other exciting news, I have 26 items that have been listed in the store and are ready to go when things go live! Once again, I CAN'T WAIT! lol. I don't think I can say it enough about how excited I am! But thats enough for today! I will hopefully be back tomorrow with my W.I.P Wednesday!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012


I know, I know, I've been M.I.A since May, that officially makes me the absolute worst blogger probably in the history of bloggers! For that, I sincerely apologize. It was very neglectful of me, but in my defense, I really truly just did not have the time. I don't know that I necessarily have the time right now either but it's easier to make time when my main job right now is class. I feel like I mentioned how busy I would be this summer before it hit, but even constantly reminding myself that I was busy did not prepare me for what I had gotten myself into. With 50+ hrs a week at work (some weeks 80+ but I mean who's counting..... I was.... every flipping half hour of it!) plus all my homework, and at least 10 hours a week for my internship I was averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night for a long time. I literally woke up and drove into work before the sun came up, spent every minute of my breaks including lunch on my homework whether it was for my internship or my class, got home from work just in time for it to start getting dark, and spend the entire time, including dinner, on my laptop doing more homework and working for my internship till I went to sleep. With even my dreams preoccupied by work and nightmares about my internship, my only free time was while I showered. But let's be honest, my showers were either way to fast you wouldn't believe I actually suds up that quick (let's get real, I didn't shave my legs for almost 3 weeks at one point... Yeahh that's my life...and Vince's consequential punishment as having a gross hairy legged gf all summer! Lol!) or I was half a sleep during it. Either way, my whole summer was swallowed up by that thing adults call the real world and I didn't like it one bit! That's fair to say right? I mean how many adults wouldn't want the chance to regress back to being a teenager with no obligations somedays? If you say you wouldn't even I know your lying, and if you're reading my blog, unless your my sister holly, chances are I don't even know you! Lol. So let's cut the crap out, being an adult sucks.

Now that I'm done with my busy summer rant, let talk crochet! And DIY and my personal favorite topic, chelsesMADE ! Now that I'm back to school, even though I haven't settled into my new schedule quite yet, I've been managing to find time to crochet! I just downloaded the blogger iPhone app too so idk where the pictures I just took will end up on this post but bare with my while I try to learn my way around this app as it'll will allow me to start posting much more frequently from the convenience of it. (ps; IPhone users- I've been up and unplugged since 8 something this morning and right now at 11:35pm I have 62% of battery left....and I haven't recharged it at all today....it's a miracle! Lol!) Now that I'm done ADD-ing I will return to the crochet topic at hand 😄 , I bought three skeins of this super soft, amazingly beautiful grey and black yarn and have been crocheting it into things just to ribb it out when I'm done. I don't know why but nothing I make out of this heavenly yarn seems to do it any justice. Plenty of times I have set out with one vision in mind and by the time a piece is done its completely metamorphed into something else. But I have never before spent so much time with something and still not feel like it's making the yarn talk to me. I'm trying to not get frustrated, after all I haven't crocheted in a few months, so my hands and my creative juices are a little rusty. I just hope I can find a way to make a piece as equally as gorgeous as the yarn itself soon cause its killing me.

As far as chelseaMADE I feel some considerable changes of plans may be ahead of the brand yet, but be that as it may, I am bound and determined to have at least some of my products up on some kind of format by October. It'll be a kind of "happy birthday to me" situation by setting this deadline and sticking to it. So if I temporarily disappear, know that this time it is for a just cause, as I try to power through work, homework, classes, internship tennis, theatre rehearsals, household cleaning, while putting up an entire online store and finding time to hopefully create some new pieces and be a good girlfriend in the meantime. Just know that once the store is up you can guarantee I'll want to be posting all the time! Which is a win win for my readers :) ...or at least I hope you all see it that way :)!

For now I just want to say, thank you for baring with me through my not so successful start of this blog as my time management skills are horrible, and for taking the time to read through my rant of this post that is probably way too long. I would also like to request that if any reader knows of anyone else that you think might be interested in my work, or my blog in general, start spreading the word, or hold out till the store URL is posted. Which ever pleases you most! All I can say is I feel like some big things should of been happening right now, and Im not about to miss out on this feeling of urgency. It's time, and I think chelseaMADE is ready to be forced onto the world even if she's a little unprepared at the time being. Come October, big things are gonna happen, and I just can't wait!
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