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Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Letters

I'm just going to hit Friday's letters this week :] sorry if it disappoints anyone.

Dear Work- I don't know why, but you're already leaving me exhausted. I don't appreciate it. Dear Vince- Thanks for staying up late with me last night so I could spend some much needed time with you :]! Dear Future Landlord- Thanks to your "mix-up" , I don't trust you, and I haven't even moved in yet. I am anything but thrilled about having to depend on you for the next year. Dear Relay For Life- You snuck up way too quick. I wasn't able to help the family with anything for you this year. But I did just cut my hair again to donate it, so hopefully that counts for something? Dear Tiffin Hospital- You should hire me so that I can move home to Vincenso. This commuting a couple times a week isn't working for me. Dear Car- thanks for letting me put all the miles on you latley. Dear Heidelberg University- I'm dying. Please contact me soon so I can know if you're an option financially. Dear Readers- I'm sorry I suck. I know I always have an excuse, but when I'm bouncing between three cities all week, and my sleep schedule is all messed up, blogging just isn't the first thing on my mind. My apologies. 
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