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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP- beach wrap and another pair of barefoot sandals

This week has been a long week, and its only Wednesday! I've been sick and its midterm week, so all I've done so far this week is get behind in school work :/ But I am determined today to get back to studying, make up tests and get back on track so I can quit feeling stressed out. That's why I am writing so early this morning! usually I don't post till later in the evening thinking I'll have time to work on something that I could add to the post, but today I'm all homework! Any who, I do have two pictures for you this week, though I wish I had more, so I can show how awesome my scarf/shawls/beach wraps are :] Maybe I'll post more pictures later in the week, or this weekend after I'm hopefully all caught up with school! for now, this is the only picture I have, just a progress shot, and of course there's another pair of barefoot sandals for the store! I can't wait to put the new products in! Only 17 days!

On another note, I'm considering opening a ravelry account to post some patterns. I've had questions on my Instagram a few times about how to make things, as I don't mind giving some information and helping everyone, as I've had a few questions and have been helped by others in the beginning. I just don't want to give the whole world my patterns and kill my store! So I'm thinking making things available on ravelry, or writting a short pattern ebook, might be the better way to go rather then posting my product instructions on Instagram.

hmmmm....I'll write more on that once I make a decision I suppose. In the meantime, have a wonderful Work-In-Progress Wednesday!


  1. Wow i love you blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks From Bad Day

  2. Thank you! I've really been trying to put a lot more work into the blog lately! It's so nice to see that someone noticed! Many thanks :]


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