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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday- new designs for spring

This week's WIP's are a few new product designs I'm working on for the spring line. Hope you enjoy <3

This is a beautiful cream and lilac skinny bow headband. I fell in love with it immediately :]

These are a few iPhone4S covers I'm working on, haven't decided on the other two designs, and they still need buttons for their closures :]

These are an example of the new lightweight skinny scarf design I'm going to carry in the store this spring.

Here you can see their design a little better since they aren't folded up :] <3

These are my favorites right now! sadly the picture is currently upside down (maybe i should fix that...hmmm...), but when read from loop to knot, they spell words in morse code! I love it! The navy and blue says dream, the pink and black says love, green and brown says peace, and the cream and clay says life. I have sooooo many ideas for these, I'm gonna offer them in this chunkier yarn version, but I also want to offer them in a thinner version for wrap bracelets so I can fit longer words, names, and cute sayings on them. 

So many ideas, so little time <3
le sigh, the problems of the small biz/college life... 


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