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Friday, March 22, 2013

Coffee Date/ Friday's Letters :]

My celebratory frappe from earlier this week :]
this week's coffee date doesn't have a prompt so I'm going to use this chance to tell you all about my good news!

So, if we were having coffee this afternoon, since I have been in class all morning, I would tell you:

Although this didn't work out the way I had hoped, I will graduate this spring on time, and still be able to return next year (completely funded by loans....UGH). So even thought TU isn't accepting the fact that they wronged us by inticing us to enroll for a degree they don't have, I will at least give myself the opportunity to strive in the field I originally set out to ♥

I would also tell you that I have a huge research project that I have to do, that I'm actually already kind of behind on, but its on fingerprints and a correlation to ethnicity and I have finally found an agency that is willing to donate their facility for my research!

If we were having coffee I would also tell you that Vince and I are trying to eat healthier together, and our first week, we did---okay. Not, perfect, but definitely not as bad as we usually do. && I worked out twice this week! Which is two times more than I usually would, and I plan on going for a run this weekend. :]


YAY! now time for Friday Letters!

Dear Week- Thank you for bringing good news to my hears when it comes to my future ♥  Dear Me- Keep your head up! Only 6 weeks left, keep pushing! That degree with honors is insight & if you just keep pushing, it'll be yours! Dear Vince- Good luck on your Praxis II test this weekend! I know you'll do great! Dear Psy. 101 Class-Thank you for teaching me today that my obsession with lists, my past experience with cosmetology*, and my visual learning, is normal for those with ADD. Dear Dirty Laundry Laying On My Bedroom Floor All Week- If Vince doesn't pick you up tonight, so help me, I will burn you.

chelsea ♥

*Yes, according to my psy. prof. individuals with ADD tend to pursue cosmetology, due to their ability to visualize things easier than other academic subjects, they pursue visual careers such as...cosmetology...who knew?


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