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Friday, March 8, 2013

Coffee Date Link Up- "Currently"

Wow! Can you believe its Friday again already?! Ever since I started linking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches  I feel like I've started to look forward to Friday for more than just the stress relief from school, but for the chance to catch up on another coffee date!

This week her prompt is still the 5 beauty products, but since I did that last week, I'm going to jump right onto the prompt of "Currently"

Hope you enjoy our coffee date

On School:

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you, how currently, and continuously, disappointed I am in my University. I know I've probably stated how much they disappoint me a thousand times not just on the blog, but to anyone who will listen right now, but I need to vent my frustrations this way to keep me from going crazy and facing the terrifying fact that I could be forced to graduate with a degree that's literally worthless. So even though I'd hate to start our coffee date on a bad note, I'd need to get this done and out of the way to enjoy the rest of our date! I just can't believe a school could really consider turning their backs on students that they promised one degree, and force them out into this economy with a degree that isn't what they were promised, and is worthless. Any school that would put students (who would graduate with honors) in a position where they need to fail a class (in order to put them ineligible to graduate) so they can finish a degree they were promised, is disgusting. Nevertheless though, this doesn't seem to phase them, as long as their unjustly robbing us of money we don't even have yet, they're happy....UGH.

On Family:

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you how terribly excited I am to spend a weekend in TN with my family! I might not be able to run off to some sunny beach during spring break, but I get to run off to TN in a too-crammed-pack-full car with my parents, Alicia, and Jenna for a weekend of nothing but awkward encounters and girly day shopping! I couldn't be happier! Besides, who needs spring break in Florida when it'll be warm here in Ohio soon, and I'll get to spend the little free time I have on the beach by my summer home! Hahaha! aka my parents home....I don't have a summer home...I wish. lol.

On the  Store:

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you how currently I am very excited to make the leap soon from fall/winter items, to spring beach time items! The spring cleaning sale is still going on till March 16, at Noon. After that I start clearing out the unsold winter items, and I'll start listing the new spring items! When I set the spring line launch date, I wasn't thinking about the fact that I would have a 1.5 of my time devoted to midterms, a weekend devoted to TN, and a week devoted to recovering from surgery(..more on that later...) not too mention the possibility that I could get sick, which I did, and lose even more time to create new items....oops! So  now that month I had to create got dwindled down to....maybe a week, but really less. So instead of having all kinds of items like I planned, March 16th is going to be a soft launch of spring items, since I promised new spring items to be listed then. Later when I have time to create I'll have more items and will do a big launch and have a sale! I'm still currently kind of disappointed that I don't get to launch all my new ideas on the 16, but it is what it is.

On Health : 

If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you how I am currently TERRIFIED of next Tuesday when I get my wisdom teeth out. I can't begin to tell you about all the nightmarish things I have thought and dreamed about this day as it approached! I'm absolutely terrified of it. I can't stand dentist appointments just for clean ups, and now I'm about to let them put me to sleep (they suggest local numbing...ha! right! cause I wouldn't freak out watching/feeling this...) and wake up with my gums dug apart, drugged, and unable to eat. All I can say is that I hope they give us enough pain killers to get through the healing process because I'm a baby, especially when it comes to mouth, and I'd much prefer to be in a drug induced high then feel those awful holes in my mouth. I'm just terrified. Even the thought of having to suck on gauze in the back of my mouth makes me feel like gagging. I'm just not looking forward to any aspect of this experience. I'm starting to wonder.....do they really hurt THAT bad?! Do I REALLY need to cut them out?!? ....I'm starting to think I should skip Tuesday's appointment......

On Love :

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you, that despite having our issues like any other couple, I wouldn't dream of having anyone else to spend my life with. Vincenso has his moments that remind me of my dad and I think, what in the world am I getting myself into..."dirty socks EVERYWHERE, why can't he put away his clothes?!?...does anything make it to the hamper?!?!?!" but we love each other, and currently, I am happy, but I'm sad I'm spending a little over a week away from him while he's stuck in Tiffin student teaching.  I don't know how I'm going to make it through this summer barely seeing him again. Each summer feels harder than the last. I still have the slightest sliver of hope though that some how we'll both end up staying in Tiffin for school. Very unlikely, but he mentioned it the other day, and it sounded like heaven to me.

On Fashion:

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you, that I'm currently loving anything girly. I love lace, and coral, and frills, and cream. Oh do I love the color cream lately! I want skinnies in every color under the rainbow, I could never have enough dresses or skirts. Even though my shoe closet is currently a rigged two different shoe shelf combination to give me 6 shelves for cramming, and they're full, I don't have enough shoes! Packing for Franklin this weekend showed me, wow, I have no shoes to go with these cute outfits...no wonder I never wear them....

If we were having coffee this morning I would also tell you how disappointed I am that I forgot my beautiful nail polishes in Tiffin and my nails are naked! There's something about a road trip that makes me feel like I need to redo my toenail polish and deck out the fingernails I usually leave naked theses days. Le sigh....this road trip my nails will be very plain. I feel bad for them.

On my New Lenovo 13" Ideapad : 

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I am CURRENTLY experiencing a love affair with my new computer! It's perfect! perfect size, perfect function for a girl like me, and so much fun! I love playing with it whether I'm using it in laptop mode or tablet mode, I love it. I still have a lot to learn about it, and about how to use it, but either way, I love it. I only have two disappointments. One, that I'm terrified to take it anywhere like class or something in fear that someone will spill on it or trip and fall on my desk and smash it and my laptop will be no more! Two, that I got addicted to this little app game on it before I realized I have to spend $3 for the full version, and I'm just way too cheap to do that.

On Life :

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that I'm currently trying to be a more positive person. This school has turned me into a negative nancy, and I didn't even realize how much it affected my outlook on everything till last week. Poor Vince has been keeping his lips shut while he watched me slowly start to hate everything about life due to the ugly after college reality that TU have given me to look forward to due to the situation about our FS degree. I didn't realize that the constant disappointment in school and its ability to ruin my everyday, really has an affect on him as well, and the fact that he's kept his mouth shut for so long, and has finally addressed it, I can't help but feel disappointed in myself. Last weekend when I came home, having that conversation still present in my thoughts, I read a letter from my teacher that I received my senior year, as well as a few others that I had hanging on a wall, and stashed on a shelf. It was disappointing to see how positive and determined they viewed me just four years ago, and how negative and pessimistic I have become. So I'm determined to be ME again. Not the old me, but the current ME. I'm not this negative person that hates life. I'm happy, and positive, and I love colors, and good movies, and I would laugh all day if it didn't make me feel like my abs of steel were going to rip out. No matter what happens with my future regarding this college, I WILL make it to Wayne state for the Pathologist Assistant degree, and I WILL be happy and find a job that I LOVE, and I WILL have Vincenso, the sweetest man I've ever met, to come home to and tell him all about it, and THAT makes me feel very positive and excited about my future :]

It's only been a week since I've decided to take my thoughts and feelings into my own hands, and I feel great. Chelsea fits me much better than negative nancy ever did

If you want to link-up too, or read Alissa's coffee date and the other blogger's Friday coffee date, just click on the picture above :]


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