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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

hook and needle holder :]

Change of plans, snow is coming on Friday so I am going to leave a day early, so a lot more cleaning had to be done today than i had anticipated, but that's all right. Cleaning led me to find most of my hooks! Since I have so many in my possession now, I decided to make a little carrier for them and my knitting needles.


It holds three sets of knitting needles, and afghan hook, two large plastic crochet hooks, 9 smaller metal ones, two yarn needles tied together, and a small pair of scissors. It isn't exactly working the way I had thought it would, I took a weaved bamboo like place mat and weaved ribbon through the sticks to form little holders for everything. I think I'll branistorm some more and see what I can get, I know I saw this idea somewhere else before.....I just can't recall where : / It was probably somewhere on cutoutandkeep.net :]


  1. I love that you used a bamboo placemat to hold all your hooks and needles! That's such a great way to reuse what you already have!

  2. Thank you! It actually worked out better than I had anticipated right after making it, I still think either a thicker, or just a rougher ribbon would work better, sometimes they slip out if I'm not careful since the silky ribbon and metal hooks are both really smooth.


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