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Monday, January 2, 2012

my resolution

This year, one of my new year's resolutions is to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks. Which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to start this blog. I wanted to give myself someway of documenting it, thinking, if its out here in the world, I'll be more inclined to do it. I'm definitely going to need some motivation this summer when I plan on doing my required internship,while working as close to full time as possible, and taking summer courses to free up some space my senior year. YIKES. Just thinking about it stresses me out...so on to a more exciting  point of this topic, day two brings my first completed project of the year!

My friend Kelsie wore the cutest top to our boyfriends' family Christmas party, and I fell in love with it! So, once I got home from visiting Columbus, the next chance I got to sit down and crochet, I grabbed my skein of black RedHeart yarn and jumped right in. I've always been pretty good at looking at things, breaking it down,and thinking to myself, "I could make that..." So I already had a pretty good idea of how to make the shirt when I first started out, but I only did a few rows before it was time to head out to visit Vincenso for new years. I kind of made a conscious effort not to bring any crochet with me during my Christmas visit, but I couldn't help myself for new years visit, I was anxious about this project, so I took advantage of my time last night when we laid down to watch TV before bed. I crocheted my little heart out for a little bit, (in the dark, only lit by the TV which I would not advise...) I had no problem finding my stitches, and thought everything was going great, headed home this afternoon excited to jump right back into it...only to discover, it was much too wide for myself. le sigh.... There is absolutely nothing I hate more than having to unravel a project, so when ever possible I try to switch gears and turn it into something usable instead of scraping it.

Thus, my new hello kitty cowl was created :] Its kind of a lot different from my other cowls, because for the most part, I usually use the same stitch, or same two stitches all the way through a cowl. But this one has several different stitches in different patterns making it unique to my collection so far, and I really like it. I had the perfect row of open squares to run a ribbon through, so I dug through the sewing box that I've been trying to get organized and pulled out my ribbon, and found this hello kitty ribbon in my stash. The width of the ribbon was perfect for the height of the stitches, so I weaved the ribbon through, and voila! Very pretty if I do say so myself :] So now I'm working on a pair of matching fingerless gloves to sell with it as a set.

As far as my resolution of  52 projects in 52 weeks, I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start eh?


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