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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

yarn shopping :]

my older sisters got me the niftiest periodic table flashcards (...yes I am that science geek that asked for periodic table flashcards for christmas...and yes...i love them) and a gift card to jo ann fabrics. So today when my family left to go shopping, I went with them to get some yarn. Ohhhh the amazing colors and textures <3 My usually yarn options are only those at Walmart, and in the tiny towns I frequent, there aren't very many options when it comes to texture, so I usually stick to the tried and true RedHeart brand, but tonight I lived a little crazy. lol

Thanks to the sales, and my lovely sister's gift cards, I got several skeins of yarn beautiful colors, and textures, and only had to pay $1.66 out of pocket! I'm so excited to get started on some projects once I finish the shirt I've started making ( pictures to come...).  The skeins I bought were two different brands, and five different colors. The first two skeins I bought were Sensations Sumptuous, in color 49325, and 49363 (...otherwise known as green, and blue. lol). The other brand I bought was Premier Yarns, the Deborah Norville collection Serenity chunky weight in colors Pristine (2 skeins), Red Ochre, and Red Bayou. I think they're all absolutely beautiful <3

Now I'm off to work on the shirt I'm crocheting. hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow morning :]


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