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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

project two

Today I finished my shirt! HIP HIP HOORAY for project 2 being done way early! It isn't exactly like the photo I was inspired by, but it's still pretty cute. Tomorrow I plan on getting better pictures of a few things hopefully, and then a photo will be up :] besides my crocheted shirt, today wasn't really busy when it comes to work for the blog/store. I stayed up way too late last night ( 5 am...whoops..)  as I was busy with movies, the shirt and surfing the net for blog layouts so I ended up sleeping in pretty late. Once I was up we took my sister to a game store where I ended up buying a ps1 and crash bandicoot games. They were my favorite growing up :] so yay for the 90's!

I've got a lot of ideas for my blog, once it starts getting some followers and is really up and going. I really think I'd like doing a crochet a long. I'd love to share a pattern I'm learning, or one I've made myself, with my followers and have them do the same project and upload photos of the finished item. I think it'd be really neat to see everyone's own unique twist on the projects. I'm also thinking about doing a DIY day once a week with little cute projects. But for now I need to work on bulking up my inventory for the store till we go live. I'm afraid if I start everything right now while I've got so many projects on hold, I'd end up biting off more than I can chew, but none the less, some lovely ideas for the blog are brewing in this head of mine, can't wait to get started :]


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