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Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I'm doing my post a little earlier than normal. Vincenso is coming to visit me and my family tonight (he's making us all dinner! what a great bf! ) so I didn't want to have to take time away from his visit to post. So rather than  doing a post on what I did today, I'm doing a post on what I love, and use to make all the time, HATS! I love them! big tam hats, slouchy hats, beanies, goofy hats, all kinds of hats. In order to show you how much I love making hats, I thought it would be fun to fill today's posts with the different styles of hats I've made! ENJOY <3

    model credit goes to : Miss Theresa Beasley, Lilly Gut, and myself
photography credit goes to : Miss Jenna Garza, Alicia Gut, and myself

for more of Jenna Garza's photography, check her out HERE :]


  1. Ohh my gosh! I lovveeee itt!!!!! Love the sloutch beany one! we are going to do so good in our store! I am so excited!

    ps. their needs to be a 'like' button on here! haha

  2. I know right? That's what I keep thinking! lol


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