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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

W.I.P. - infinity scarfs and business cards

This week has been pretty productive, though it doesn't seem that way compared to how many products I made. This week there was only two, but I did work more on some of those coffee cozies this week! Everything is assigned a design, so all that is left is to get stitching! 
I actually bought myself a present this week :] Well, two really ! I've been eyeballing this multi-colored skein called fruit punch forever! Finally I just said, "Chelsea, you deserve that yarn!" , and I bought it :] I also bough the tiny circle loom set from Walmart that I have been eyeballing for a while as well! These two scarfs are my recent projects that have spawned from it! 

The first is from the red heart fruit punch skein that I love. I was terribly attached to this yarn, just like the super soft fuzzy grey yarn that I made the bubble cowl out of. I knew I couldn't use the yarn on just anything,  it would have to be the PERFECT item that showed off just how beautiful this yarn was, and this scarf does it! I adore it! Absolutely adore it! The way it is dyed works just perfectly to make these perfectly matching sized rings of color throughout the infinity scarf and I just can't help falling in love with it!

The second scarf this week is also an infinity scarf made from the loom. This one uses a much more chunky style of yarn that I purchased at Jo Anne's a while back. This one went a little quicker compared to the non stop 4 days worth of free time the fruit punch one took. 

In other exciting news, this week I finally printed some quick DIY business cards printed on card stock and used my paper cutter to slice them up too! I couldn't find the file I had wanted to use on the back of them since my computer crashed, but these will do for now :]


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