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Sunday, October 14, 2012

photo shoot!

 It's finally here! Today was the day I've spent weeks preparing for! As you can see from the picture with the bags filled with crochet that I had LOTS AND LOTS of goodies that needed to be modeled so all of you lovely readers and my followers on instagram could find these pretties listed in my store finally! hopefully they will be up soon. If they're all up and listed by November I will feel VERY accomplished! With midterms this last week, and tech week for the play creeping up so fast I'm surprised I find the time for anything these days! Jenna was my amazing photographer like always! She's so amazing. I'm never disappointed with the pictures she takes, and there is always a TON of pictures to pick from which can be very hard sometimes as they're all so cute! She's so professional about it too. Sometimes I forget shes not just my wittle baby sister anymore and that shes a grown women going to college. YIKES. That's a hard thing to try and get use to!   

And with everything we do, there is always a bit of goofing off to go along with it ;]

Photography credit goes to miss Jenna Garza
Model credit goes to miss Jessica Baker and Theresa Beasley


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