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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

W.I.P. - custom orders

This week I was working on several different custom orders. I was lucky enough to have several people take part in the birthday sale! So this week I worked on a hat, two pairs of boot cuffs, a chunky infinity scarf, and packaging. I also worked on some templates for personal notes to add to orders and cute little fold overs that I can staple on a bag for small items that do not get chelseaMADE labels sewn on.

I should of taken more pictures of the goodies while I was working through out the week, and of the packages for them. Two of my orders were from lovely ladies at my school, so I got to dress theirs up like presents since I could deliver those in person instead of via mail. Above are pictures of the order for a custom slouch hat in hot pink and the lovely soft pink green and brown cowl I made earlier this month :] You get to see it in its cute little bag, with tissue paper and the care instruction cards on top.

This picture is of both orders waiting to be delivered!
And below are my templates! I'll have to do up a bad so you can understand what the fold over things are. I just wanted something to look more professional so it looks more like it'd hang on a retail store"s shelf now :]


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