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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday - *BRAND NEW FEATURE*

I am absolutely thrilled to announce a new feature on the blog today, Work In Progress Wednesday! For now on, *EVERY* Wednesday (hopefully, things like finals get in the way sometimes) I will be updating the blog  with my latest project that i'm working on and give you guys a look at possible upcoming items for the store!

For week one, I have two projects. I went home this week and snatched up a couple started but unfinished projects, hoping to finish as many as I could before the photo shoot this weekend. The latest project I finished was a decorative cowl.

Its done in mostly redheart yarn, the coral color is a different brand, but the skein was older and no longer had a label with it so I couldn't tell you what it was. But the pattern is awfully pretty :] The finished look is like a rectangle checkerboard pattern done in single crochets, and double crochet I believe? Crochet is hard for me to describe sometimes. Since I taught myself, I kind of made up my own names for some stitches, but I believe it is double crochet for the rectangles. Anyways! I absolutely adore it! <3

The second project I'm working on today and a lovely little shawl. Its done in blue white and green, in Bernat Softee Baby brand yarn. Its so  delicate feeling compared to what I usually work with, and its all chain stitches! So simple, but I just love this look for my spring time shawls/scarfs. I love that they're light and fun for the spring time, yet when bulked up for a scarf they work lovely too!

 I want to create multiple items for my brand under the store Peace Craft Love ( the one I'm starting up with Dalana that will hopefully be up in May!!! ) that can be used/worn in multiple ways. I love accessorizing, I love hats, bags, scarfs, jewelry, everything and anything that can spruce up an outfit, and there is absolutely nothing better that an accessory that can be worn multiple ways. Right now the only accessories I have like this are my shawls. You can wrap them all different ways and wear them like a shawl, but then you can wear them as scarfs, and a bikini wrap as well. I love versatility, and I have a few more ideas up on the drawing board. I know at least one other multi-use item will definitely be available by the time we open, but you'll just have to wait to hear more on that one :] Can't spoil all my surprises in one post can I?

Now that our Spring semesters are coming to an end, things are moving really fast for the store, and I just can't wait! As soon as I have finalized information I'll let you guys in on all the fun! STAY TUNED <3


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