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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo shoot!

Today's photo shoot started off rocky. We had planned to shoot pictures of the accessories outside around campus, but the day started out raining! I was bummed thinking that we wouldn't have anywhere to shoot, so on the way to pick up our models, I started brainstorming with Jenna, my little sister and photographer, and we decided, that upstairs in the library between the  "stacks" would be a good alternative to outside since the sprinkle had increased to a heavy rain.
When we got back to Vincenso's which was our headquarters for the day, we discussed the game plan, and started looking at the clothes they had brought and passing out accessories that would match accordingly. We assigned all the pieces pretty fast, and when I went to tell Vince the game plan, he made a great suggestion to take pictures by the little coffee shop in Franks, a classroom building on campus, and so we brought some mugs and headed out on our way.

To start off we took pictures of all the girls together to help them warm up and feel comfortable. It worked really well and it seemed to help keep them from feeling nervous. Then we dove right in! It went so fast I was shocked, I'm use to working with just one model, so the photo shoots usually take so long, and that's probably why I had such a bulk of products that needed to be photographed. It went so smoothly being able to let Jenna control the photos while I got the next one ready to be shot, occasionally stepping in to fix hair or something on the current model. 

We were able to get everything we took with us modeled before one of the models had to leave for work. When we left we planned on heading to the coffee shop, but the rain had let up and we were actually able to take some photos outside. They came out so cute! I don't want to put up a bunch of photos we took today, that way I don't spoil the surprise, but I'm including a few :]

Vince's idea for the coffee shop was just so perfect! The girls looked great sitting outside it and having their coffee ;] (the mugs were empty, but they pretended. lol) I'm happy he suggested it, he's so cute, after the shoot when I told him how perfect the spot was for it, he responded with, " I just imagine people that wear those kind of things like to hang out at coffee shops..."  awww.... if he only understood how cute he can be sometimes :] <3

Having the day start out raining was a blessing in disguise! I never would of thought to take photos inside if it hadn't have been for the rain, and the girls were great! Dalana was bummed she wasn't able to make it today with some of her creations. But we absolutely cannot wait till the next one! It was so nice to finally see my things on someone besides myself. So often I make things, or come up with things in my head, but then I wonder, will someone else look cute with this? Would someone else like this, or is it just my quirky style? Today gave me that push I needed to know I'm going in the right direction by following my heart's designs and not just what I thought other people would want to buy. There's still so much to do, but I'm having so much fun! I'm so blessed to have such a great family and boyfriend to help me, and encourage me along the way!


  1. Awww, love it! Can't wait to see the right! & Look at all those cute models ;)

  2. It was a blast! We really did have tons of fun, and it was so cute, the girls were thanking ME for letting them model the stuff! How crazy!


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