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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WIP- custom order and start to spring line of products!

Well, the first thing I made after breaking out of my "block" was a custom order scarf. It was a beautiful color, not at all sure what the brand or name was, awful I know! I really will try to remember to go back and check through my labels to try and remember which one it was. My mind is just currently blanking out. Anyways, it was adorable, and made so that you could wear it long and wrapped several time like a regular scarf, or button up the ends together to make it an infinity scarf! So cute! and was actually one of the things i had been wanted to try but just didn't have an excuse too!

Now I'm hitting the point where I really need to start getting some ideas around about new products for the spring. I'm definitely going to start carrying some cute and fun iPhone covers such as this flower beauty :] I also have a few other different items in mind, but if there's something you're hoping to see, let me know! comment on this
post, or email me. (chelseamadeblog@gmail.com)


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