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Saturday, February 23, 2013

New things for chelseaMADE!

Today brought some exciting things to the blog, and the brand. Earlier this week I spend some time looking into html stuff for the blog. I remember being good at editing myspace layouts with html back in the day when those were the cool things :P But as far as blogger html, I'm lost. I have such horrible times with it even just trying to copy and paste other pre-made widgets into the blog.

This week I decided its time to start using "social media" to spread the word about chelseaMADE. So you can now find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ! Yay for us! My research into html let me figure out how to make these cute little buttons and link to my pages! You can now follow us in several different medias via the right side bar social media buttons! I'm pretty proud of myself ;]

keep in mind my twitter and facebook page are practically brand new. Well, the FB page really is, I just created it today. But I'm happy with these new exciting changes to the blog.

One more big change.....how did I not know I could send you directly to my store via a new blog page?!?!

Well, now I do, and you can now access our store easily through clicking on the last page tab at the top of the blog labeled Store. 


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