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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

W.I.P Wednesday! - 2 cowls, and a blanket

okay, so this week I have a couple cute pictures for you!

I finished two new cowls this week, so I guess they aren't really works in progress technically. But they are not up in the store yet, so I'll put pictures here! :] My actual work in progress is a blanket! I don't usually make blankets unless I have a friend's baby in mind. They just are too time consuming for my attention span. This one was actually suppose to be a snood, but I didn't realize it was WAY too big till is was too late, and its gorgeous, so I can't rip it, it must be re-purposed! I feel like it will probably make a better baby blanket then a lap blanket because of the already established width.

The first cowl that was finished this week was crocheted in a yarn brand from Walmart, I tossed out the skein labels, so I'll have to check next time I'm there what it was, and what color name. I used my grey plastic hook for it, I don't know what size it is cause I bought it forever ago in a set, its the typical two jumbo plastic hook set that you can find at Joanne's or Walmart, I believe I bought mine at Joanne's though. Anyways, I used the smaller of the two hooks for this project. It was actually really simple, I don't use patterns and I only used chain stitch, single crochet, slip stitch, at the top and bottom, the majority of the cowl was done in a puff stitch.The whole thing was worked in the round versus flat and having to stitch up the sides at the end.

The second cowl was knitted using two yarns simultaneously. I used a multicolored green red heart yarn, as well as a red heart yarn in black. You actually can't tell the changing in green colors very well because of the mix with black, but it still looks pretty! I used my bright pink plastic knitting needles for this cowl in size US 35, or 19 mm. I guess this week my tool of choice was plastic. The whole cowl is just knit, no purl or anything else, just knit. Then I used a crochet hook to connect the two ends.

Now for the blanket! I just love it! Its absolutely gorgeous to me. The majority of the yarn used is red heart yarn bought at Walmart, but the orange used in it I have no idea what brand it is, I'm assuming not red heart since I've never seen this shade at the store. Awhile back my mother's co-worker gave me some yarn when she stopped crafting, and this tiny bit used is from the remains of an old skein of hers that was given to me. As far as stitches and patterns, I couldn't tell you. Well, I suppose I could, but I just worked out of random stitches from my head, all kinds of stuff was used. and I'm not even sure of the technical terms used for some of the stitches I used, so I think its better if I don't attempt to explain the madness :]


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