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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday! - two more cowls and update on blanket!

This week I have two more cowls and a little more work on the blanket from last week. 

The first cowl I finished this week was a bumble bee inspired cowl! Worked very similarly to the puff stitch cowl from last week. Both yarns were red heart brand, and the beginning and end were worked with both yarns, then the body was worked alternating the yarns for a striped bumble bee effect! Same as last week, the stitches were very simple, only chain, slip, single, and puff used for it. I used my favorite sized hook for this one, N-9.00 mm. I have a new one in a rose gold colored metal that I bought once when waiting for a prescription to be filled. Its now my favorite hook, even though I have the same one in a regular gold and a purple. I lose things a lot so it helps to have multiple :]

The second cowl I made this week was different then the others. This one used three strands simultaneously in white and yellow red heart brand, and cannon in Indian clay. I used the grey plastic hook I described last week for this cowl as well. Once again, really simple stitches, just chain, slip, and single crochet I believe...it might have been double crochet, I'm too lazy to dig it out and look. Sorry :]

Now for the actual work in progress, its still the blanket, but I have a more updated picture for you to enjoy!


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