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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

W.I.P. - cupcake bags, more bow rings, and more labeling!

This week's post is probably going to be rather short on writing, and little picture heavy, I've just got so much  homework, and a TON to do before the show on the 17th. So I'd rather spend my time working then writing a post this week. My apologies. Next Wednesday will probably be the same as well. I'm sorry, there really is just so much I still want to do before the show.

image.jpegThis week I worked more on my cupcake bag pattern. I started one awhile ago, but then had started to run out of yarn before I had the strap finished. Searched all over the place for a matching shade and just couldn't find it. Then realized my small leftover was plenty to make the strap and then re-created the project again with a pink color instead of purple. I also finished the 30 different colored bow rings I wanted to make before the show as well. I started making a few button wrap bracelets, and of course I'm still working on the huge pile of products that still need labels!



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