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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday - jellyfish bag & crochet rope

This week was busy already! I usually have some time off between work and school, but this year they called me in already the first Monday I was home. So I am back to work full time again already. So this week was a bit uneventful. But first, I'll fill you in on the little bit of work I took care of last week. During the hustle and bustle of finals week I managed to find time to design my chelseaMADE business cards, and with the help of my little sister we edited images that we can use as "logos" for each one of the crafts sold at PeaceCraftLove.

This week's W.I.P was a continuation of the week's previous, and I manage to finish my jellyfish bag. Which I am so thrilled about! :] It just has so much cuteness and charm that I can't help but fall in love with it myself! i also had talked about a multi-item I had hoped to have done before the last photo shoot, and this last week I actually did it. I hadn't had a chance to before the photoshoot, but I think I found the perfect length for it this week. It can be worn as a belt several different ways, a headband, and a necklace a couple different ways. I just LOVE the versatility of this item!

I apologize for the poor quality photos, I don't have a fancy camera so all my pictures that are done with out my babysitter's nice camera are either cell phone, or ipod pictures. Sorry!
photo.JPG  0507122135.jpg


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