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Monday, December 31, 2012

What a Wonderful Year!

As the year ends, many of us can't help but think about the beginning and all the lovely, and sometimes not so lovely, things that have happened in between. I just would like to take an opportunity to revisit some of my memories from the last year!

One of the biggest things this year, was starting my own business!!I am now the proud owner of chelseaMADE!  My blogging skills could use some help, and there's a lot of things I hope to achieve with it in the future, but for just starting, I'm proud of it, and I can't wait to watch it grow! :] I'm proud of the 47 posts I've made and hope I'll do even better in the incoming new year!

This year I saw my first EVER college 4.0! I couldn't be prouder of myself! Definitely one of my greatest accomplishments!

In the last year I got to take part in two awesome shows with The Dragon's Den Players at TU.

One being Get Witch Quick, as an old women hybrid of two parts (we had to cut a female during production and I took on her lines as well, in my role of "Miss Wisk")

and Exit the Body as Jenny, a ditsy, and sometimes rude house maid, with a secret of her own at the end of the show ;]

My sisters and I also all donated our hair this year in honor of our aunt Rhonda! Who we all love and miss everyday <3

Last, but definitely not least, I started my last year of Undergrad classes. One part of me is shouting, "YES! I'm finally a senior! look at me, I'm educated and about to be released on the world! BEWARE!" and the other part is wanting to crawl back in bed and hide from the incoming next year as I think "holy crap...I'm graduating next year, but I just started....where did all the time go?! I  want a do over! I'm not ready yet! "

So many opportunities have come and gone, and through the years I've readily jumped at some, while eagerly, and sometimes disappointingly passed on others. I know a lot of the decisions I made in my first two years sometimes weren't possibly the ones I should of chosen, they led me to disappoint, and missed opportunities, and honestly if I could have pulled my head out of my butt I probably wouldn't have made them. When I got to school, I wasn't ready, still looking at my Junior year I wasn't ready. Everything scared me, and the person I was then, just didn't enjoy college. Some people college is the best time of their lives, but for me, even though I was the typical age of 18, college just wasn't for me. I look back now and think, if I could start college as I am now, I'd have fun. I've grown into myself, and at the same time I know there's still plenty of room to grow, and I can't help but be excited for that. But now I'm almost done, and I am an adult. I have bills, and responsibilities, and a scary unknown future that's coming at me fast. I just wish I could of known then, what I know now, so that I could of enjoyed my time spent here more to the fullest.  Yet, even though I look back and think that there is so many things I wish I had done differently, opportunities I wish I had passed on, so I could of jumped on others, chances I never took, and chances I definitely shouldn't have taken, I'd have to say, if given the chance, I'd be too scared to change a thing.

I wish I would of experienced less of what I did, and more of what I hadn't, I wish I would of taken opportunities and studied abroad and seen the world, I wish I would of stressed less, and realized what was really important, and simply just have fun. But even though I'm terrified of what the next few years could bring, whether Vincenso and I will be in Tiffin the next few years, or whether we'll be relocating, whether I'll get into the grad program my hearts set on, and many other scary chances and decisions I'll face, I'm happy I'll get to face them with him<3 As cheesy and hopeless romantic as that sounds, that's the only thing that can ever help me take a moment and just BREATHE, knowing what ever comes, or doesn't come, I'll be okay, and thankfully, he'll be there to hold my hand the whole way,

  and THAT'S why I'd be too scared to change anything from my past, in fear that I might not have met him <3

(note: I would of posted another picture, perhaps one with more clothing then swimsuits... but this is the only one we have from when we met and that was just such a perfect day.)


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